Golden Temple (Shri Guru Harmandir Sahib) The abode of god

Golden Temple (Shri Guru Harmandir Sahib) The abode of god

The enshrining holy place of Sikhs, Golden Temple was built in the late 16th century by Guru Arjan.  Along with Covering the marble, the gold was also used to make the beautiful dome of this glorifying temple known as Golden temple officially named “SRI HARMANDIR SAHIB” in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. This is the most pilgrimage site of Sikhism, that’s built upon a man-made pool which is said to be the pool of holy nectar. This is a place of worship for men and women from all religions, cast, gender, places. The four open gates in all four directions of the Golden temple are it’s evident.

Golden Temple
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Shri Guru Harmandir Sahib, much known as Golden temple, holds another name as Darbar Sahib, and these all names have one meaning that is “House of God”. This beautiful gold plated temple known for its beauty of construction in the middle of the pool of the holy tank, is a 400 years old temple built by the fifth Nanak, Guru Arjan Sahib who had it designed himself. The excavation of the pool was done by Guru Ramdas Sahib under the supervision of Baba Buddha Ji, whose outline was already done by Guru Amardas Sahib. A nearby town settlement and the construction of the pool, both the projects were completed by 1577 A.D.

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The history also marks the destruction of the Golden Temple and it’s rebuilding. The walls of Golden Temple have also witnessed many historic events in Sikh history like the prevention of celebrating festivals, the conversion of a temple into an entertainment place, the filling of the pool with sand, pouring waste into the pool and many. The rebuilding includes the flooring, the causeway, the fresh water supply from the River Ravi.

1809 made the repairing year for the Golden temple and in 1830 it was overlaid by the gold donated by Ranjit Singh.

Places to Explore around “Golden Temple”

Clock tower

The ‘ghantaghar deori’ is the entrance where the clock tower is placed on the north side, which also waves a museum on its upper floor.

Akal Takht

The headquarter of the main political party in Punjab, Shiromani Akali Dal.

Beer trees

Ber Baba Buddha (Believed that Baba Buddha sat there to supervise the construction)

Laachi Beer

(Believed to be the resting place of Guru Arjan while the temple was building)

Dukh Bhanjani Ber or “Suffering remover”

(Believed to be the place of curing leprosy after taking a dip in the pool), the three Ber trees known for their special existences would make you wonder.

Sikh history museums

the significant artwork that shows the headless bodies continuing to fight, presenting their history which has gone through persecutions and bravery.

Guru Ram Das Langar

A free, simple and same meal is served to every gender, religion, caste in pants (Sitting in rows on the floor)

Ceremonies everyday

The opening and closing ritual at the gurudwara is a melodious ceremony one shouldn’t miss.

Interested facts about Golden Temple

  • This place is regarded as one of the oldest worship places of Sikhs.
  • The foundation of GOLDEN TEMPLE was laid by a Muslim saint popularly known as Mian Mir.
  • Around a Lakh people are fed at “Langar” every day for free.

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  • The 4 entrances of the temple signify the welcome to every person from every direction.
  • The Value of gold today on the golden temple is worth more than 140 crores.
  • Cost of the renovation was 3 lakhs a day.
  • Much purer gold than the household is used in plating the temple i.e: 24 karats.
  • The beauty of the Golden temple will definitely be entering the 25th century.
  • The faith of people manages to donate enough for the maintenance of Golden temple.
  • The pool of nectar, where the golden temple stands, is a man-made pool.
  • The stairs that enter the temple are purposely made downwards to eradicate the sense of arrogance in visitors and grow humbleness.

Places to visit near Golden Temple

  • Jallianwala Bagh
  • Wagha border
  • Durgiana temple
  • Kesar da Dhaba (For some delicious food)
  • Harike Wetland
  • Pul kajari
  • Bhatinda fort

A Mythical Belief

People generally believe that if we give food to the fishes in the pond and make a wish it’ll be fulfilled, but the myth speaks that there is just one fish which is all GOLDEN and if one finds it out, then his/her wish will be fulfilled for sure. People are so eager to go there on the basis of this belief.

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The GOLDEN TEMPLE is such an amazing tourist spot for the tourist, that shouldn’t be missed. Many Bollywood movies have the view of this sacred and glorious place. Not just as a tourist, this place gives a person a peaceful state of mind which must be a part of your trip. This place has already witnessed 4 centuries and still define it’s glory as all new every time.

Map Of Golden Temple


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