Odisha Tourism-Incredible Journey

Odisha is surely amongst the exotic places in India full of travel experience with unbeatable picturesque sites. Odisha is rich in exquisite monuments and artistic temples and thousands of craftsmen and artists dwell here. Tourism in Orissa is full of exploration of wildlife sanctuaries, natural landscape, and beaches and is considerably vast place that it is still unexplored wholly by tourists.

Orissa tour is an authentic museum of the artistic and sculptural heritage of India that has been famous to specialists and scholars for Sun Temple located at Konark, for magnificent temples of Bhubaneswar, and grand temple at Puri of Lord Jagannath. The sophisticated and rich in tourists spot despite being small because of sightseeing tourists spot and Puri Tourism.

Konark Temple in Odhisa
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Life is all about the journey, not a destination, explore this fascinating State of East India with the incomparable beauty of nature and culture. Orissa Travel is a vast experience and one of the epic tour plan that is worth giving up weekends on as it offers lifetime memories.

A glowing green jewel is an incomparable place and around 300 miles or 482km from the east are open up to the Bay of Bengal wherein the hills of Eastern Ghats cover western borders. The midway is full of peaceable and village beauty. This place has the mightiest lake in Asia with three enormous rivers and that engage the pilgrims all across India. The major four cities have around a few thousands of populaces. Orrisa’s population share a strong belief and holiness in the soul for beautiful land.

Culture of Odisha

The spiritualism around the localities of Jagannath Temple, the astounding caves of Jains, paintings of legends, the Buddha monasteries, and Sun Temple at Konark is a golden gift of Odisha.
Music and Dance are the inseparable aspects of Odisha’s culture. The classical dance of female dancers at temple or “devadasis” are exotic. Sambalpuri and Chow are the folk dances with Ghumura and Paraja tribal dances that overjoy the soul. Bali Jatra is the fair that reminds about the maritime links of ancient time with Bali. Lord Jagannath’s Rathyatra is acclaimed as a synonym to the culture of Orissa.

Culture of Odisha
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Climate of Odisha

Odisha is situated on the coastline so the weather is influenced by the sea. This state undergoes high temperature in April and May and the climate is tropical. The Eastern Ghats of the Odisha experience chilling cold climate.

Odhisa has tropical climate as it lies in the south of Tropic of Cancer. The western cities of Odisha, like Mayurbhanj, Bolangir, Sambalpur, Sundergarh, and Baragarh are warm all year long with the highest temperature of 45 degree Celsius and low temperature of 12 degree Celsius that is unbearably cold. Phulbani and Koraput are the two districts that experience severe winters with a minimum temperature of about 3 degree Celsius.

July is considered the wettest and rivers get flooded with an average of 150 cm of rainfall. In October and November, state experience little rainfall and initial two months are dry.

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Bhulekh Odisha

The detailed information about geographical map of Odisha is termed as Bhulekha Odisha. Land records are provided by the state government, i.e. Orissa Govt. on their site, bhulekh.ori.nic.in. Online details about land records are available from Odisha govt’s official website, no offline software is available as of now.

Festivals of Odisha

Orissan culture is famous worldwide as it is rich in ancient temples, religions, sacred places and tribes. This state celebrates many festivals and fairs all year long and major ones are Durga Puja and Jagannath Puri Rathyatra.

The state rich in tradition and culture is also serving as the land of festivals. Agriculture or traditional, religious or folklore, and ethnic dance offer a reason for celebration. Orissa is rich in festivals that there is one or two festival every month that is an opportunity to attract visitors and locals to break the tiring schedules and have pleasures of life. Some of the festivals celebrated on the land of Odisha are:

Chandan Yatra

The devout land celebrates Chandan Yatra is a festival for the conclusion of pious festivals. Starts from Akshyaya Trutiya that is a twenty-one days festival. The festival name symbolizes sandal paste and water is an inseparable ingredient of it. This festival is celebrated in Baisakh Month for this very reason, as at that time temperature is maximized and sandal paste with water keeps people cool and calm.

Chandan Yatra
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Konark Dance Festival

Konark is famous all around as the most colorful festival. From all around the world the eminent dancers meet up in December from 1st to 5th in order to acknowledge the masterpiece at Konark’s Sun Temple.

Durga Puja

The festival celebrated by whole Hindu fraternity to worship Goddess of Power, Goddess Durga in Bengalis it is in well known as Durga Puja. This festival is celebrated in September or October as per the English calendar. The spirit of celebration and divinity overwhelms the heart of every individual.

Durga Puja
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Kalinga Mahotsava

The Natival Martial Dance Festival is famous as Kalinga Mahotsav is renowned for offering honor to the Kalinga. Martial art is shown through the medium of music and dance. It signifies the triumph of peace against war. This is celebrated at Dhauli Shanti Stupa around the borders of Bhubaneswar in the month of January on 10th -11th. This festival seeks the attention of Martial artists worldwide.

Wildlife in Odisha

Odisha is a great place for nature and adventure lovers as it offers Wildlife Tours. It is well known for wildlife sanctuaries in India. It is home to numerous fauna and flora species. Wildlife parks are the breeding area for Asiatic lions, plenty of trees of silk and cotton and the thick mangrove forest attracts tourist visiting Odisha.

The extensive area of Odisha is spread over 6611sq km, the wildlife is embraced in many sanctuaries and in National Park. Around 4.5% geographical area is covered with wildlife parks and forest area covers 11.37% of Odisha. The Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary cover over 1408 sq. km of the landscape.

Some of Wildlife Parks and Sanctuaries Are:

    • Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Similpal Tiger Reserve
    • Bhitarkanika National Park
    • Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Odisha Wildlife Map
    • Nandankanan National Park
    • Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary

Offbeat Tourist Places in Odisha

Odisha Tour
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Puri Tour

Jagannath Puri is well known for Religious Sanctuaries, seascape beauty, spiritual significance, architectural magnificence, this coastline district attracts tourist from all over the world. This district of Odisha has been the attraction for tourists all year long due to attractive tourists’ spots.

It is known as the dwell of Lord Jagannath and this place is considered to be pious and one amongst sacred dhamas of India. The Rathayatra has been recognized at the global level, Odissi is considered as classical dance and Orissan School has been renowned worldwide that have helped Puri to maintain a status of a well-known city internationally.

Puri Tour
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Bhubaneswar Tour

Bhubaneshwar is the ancient capital of Kalinga. This city prevails more than 500 temples that make it ‘city of temples’ that is named after ‘God of Three Worlds’ or Tribhuvaneswar that depicts the lifestyle of Bhubaneswar locals.

The perfect masterpiece of sculpture and architecture offer great carvings and a grand range of ideas to make these temple beautiful and unique. Mughals raided city in the 15th century but some of the temples were left undestroyed. After Independence, this city was declared as the Capital of Odisha replacing Cuttack.

Bhubaneswar Tour
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Cuttack Tour

Cuttack is the oldest cities the state, this city lies on the delta of Kathjori and Mahanadi Rivers. It is a center for commercial and trade activities and offers the best amenities for tourists. This city is known for cotton and silk textiles, immense shopping convenience, and for the celebration of Durga Puja.

Cuttack Tour
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Spectacular hills of Odisha


  • Calling it “Kashmir of Odisha” would be appropriate as it owes this name referring to its scenic beauty.
  • The location is blessed with coffee gardens, pine trees, and beautiful valleys.
  • Hill View Point, Rushikulya river, Doluri River, Putudi Waterfalls, Putudi Waterfalls and then dense rain forests attract the tourists to explore these heights.
  • Phulbani which is 104 km from Daringbadi is pleasant and mitigating treats for eyes and touring.
  • Fascinating places like eco stop, Udayagiri backwoods, hill viewpoints daringbadi waterfalls and the pine woods, these all are situated inside an area of 3-4 km in total.
Daringbadi Hill Station
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  • Koraput turned into a District in 1936.
  • It is located with the green valley that seeks the attention of tourists to discover the freshness and the spots are marked by forests, waterfalls, darting springs, and terraced valleys.
  • The Koraput is situated at 17.4 to 20.7 degree North and 81.24 to 84.2 degree east longitude.
  • The District is bordered by Rayagada, Bastar District, and Malkangiri District.
Hill Station in Odisha
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Wander in beaches of Odisha

Chandipur Beach

The Chandipur Beach is eye captivating sight with unique and picturesque scenes.  It is easily reachable via rails and is 16km away from Balasore Railway Station. It is one amongst few beaches that retreats to 4-5km.

Chandipur beach recedes up to 5 km on regular days at low tide and chasing the waves in a jeep, the water retreats is memorable. The peaceful landscape of Chandipur seeks for the attention of the visitor.

Puri Beach

The white sands rolling from the Bay of Bengal and devote visit here for purification of the soul. The sacred venue as pilgrims to pay tribute to Lord Jagannath.

The beach festival in the month of November and it is situated at a distance of 65km away from Bhubaneshwar and from Sun Temple it is around 35km away. This beach has been a favorite of foreign as well as Indian beach lovers and it is the best to spot for introvert tourist as the crowd is very less.

Beaches in Odisha
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Wedding Trip to Odisha

Orrisa is a prime destination for tourism with huge tourists’ incursion every year for holidays to get familiar with the art, historic monuments and culture. This state is rich in a national park, architectural temples, rivers, beaches and prehistoric monuments. Culture and tradition hold great significance in Odisha and many fairs and festivals are celebrated here such as RathYatra also known as Car Festival.

Wedding in Orissa is famous worldwide, couples from all over the world come here to tie knots in Oriya tradition. There are many states in the east that have beautiful venues for a wedding but for wedding ceremony no place is better than Jagannath Puri- the city of Gods. The spirituality, piousness, serenity of this place is like heaven on the earth for being tied up in a knot.  The beautiful village resort has the accommodation of 100 above rooms that are furnished. The view of Konark Marine Drive with Balukhanda Reserve Forest is a lavishing and mesmerizing view to start fresh with this loveable relation.

The shopping trip to Odisha

The market of Odisha are vast and ravishing they offer something or the other for everyone. The choice can be made amongst sophisticated painting available at Raghurajpur, hand-woven fabrics available from Sambalpur and sand sculpture famous at Patta Chitra or Puri. These lovable are the lifetime memories of this place.

Applique work on textiles is found to be the best choice to shop in Odisha market. The attractive jewelry designed by filigree designers and are available at Balu Bazaar or Naya Sarak. Portraits of animals or Gods and Goddesses can be given as a gift to cherish.

Dishes of Odisha

Odia Food
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Chungdi Malai

The flavorsome and delicious dish is about prawn curry in cream in which coconut milk is used for the creaminess in the dish. The mild spices are used for this fantastic and rich dish to add unique flavors to it. It offers great taste with steamed rice and is a must try dish in your excursion to Orrisa.

Pakhala Bhata

The dish almost cooked in the houses of Odisha in summers as a daily meal. It is soaked overnight and cooked using sour curd. It is best served with Badi Choora, fried fish, papad, and potatoes, fermented rice is perfect to refresh you. Universal Pakhala Day or Pakhala Dibasa is celebrated on 20th March to welcome traditional food of Odisha along with summer season.


The origin of Rasabali was from Kendrapara district, it is a sweet dish that is soaked in flavored thick milk and garnished using cardamoms. It is served as a dish amongst chappana bhogas in the temple of Lord Jagannath.

Facts and Figures about Odisha

  • Odisha is about 3 billion years’ ancient rocks.
  • It is situated on the eastern coast of India.
  • It was established in 1936, on 1st April at the time of British rule.
  • Utkala Dibasa is celebrated as foundation day on 1st April every year.
  • Rasagolla is the famous sweet dish, instigated in Odisha.
  • Almost 60 tribal groups reside in Odisha with their own distinct tradition and culture.
  • Hirakud Dam – fourth largest dam in the world is located at Sambalpur district.
  • Odisha is considerably the largest manufacturer of hematite ore. Odisha has almost 25% of overall hematite ore in India.

Facts About Government of Odisha

  • Governor- S.C. Jamir
  • High Court- Odisha High Court
  • Chief Minister- Naveen Patnaik
  • Parliament Constituency- 10 Rajya Sabha, 21 Lok Sabha

Facts About State Symbols

  • Dance- Odissi
  • Flower- Ashoka
  • Music- Bande Utkala Janani
  • Animal- Sambar
  • Tree- Sacred fig
  • Bird- Indian Roller

How to Reach Odisha

By Road

Odisha is linked well with easily accessible by roads. Every city in Odisha is easy to reach via road.

By Train

A well-connected railway network to Odisha is laid down that connects all major cities such as Calcutta, Bombay, Delhi, etc with Odisha by express trains.

By Air

Biju Patnaik airport is the nearest airport to reach Odisha.