10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Shillong This Summer

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Shillong This Summer

Every child has always wondered how could they reach the clouds to sit on and fly along them. Here is the place that would fulfill the wish of every child and the child every adult keeps inside them. Meet the clouds at an altitude of about 1496 m above the sea level, in one of the smallest states of India, Meghalaya which means “The abode of Clouds.”  It precisely defines its title by giving home to the clouds. Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya which is also known as “Scotland of the East” that describes the European settlers of Scotland.

Easy to reach- Fly into the clouds

Amazing destination to land on, Shillong Airport.

  • Unlike other hilltops, Shillong have it’s airport namely Umroi Airport or Barapani air force base.
  • This airport is located about 40 km from Shillong. Kolkata is the place you’ll find the flights for Shillong.
  • The moment you step out of the airport, you’ll gasp why is this place so popular, as you get to see the vast landscape of greenery and clouds.

Weather at the hills – Calm and Soothing

Attracting weather at Shillong.
Attracting weather at Shillong.
  • Rainstorm months see normal to substantial rainfalls in Shillong.
  • This is an incredible time to visit the waterfalls and appreciate the perfect rain washed vistas of the locale.
  • July is the wettest month in Shillong.
  • It is anything but a famous travelling time given, as numerous tourists don’t like to travel amid storms, however that makes it a decent time to discover sensible lodgings.

Cherrapunji- Heaven on earth

Cherrapunji during rainy season.
Cherrapunji during rainy season.
  • We’ve read in our geography classes that Cherrapunji is the wettest place on earth and travel guides portray it as nothing less than a paradise on earth.
  • Genuinely the ever sentimental Shillong visit appears to be just fragmented, without going to this current nature’s ponder.
  • Meghalaya is an upcoming goal for adventure fans, and one can get direct involvement through the 200 m limestone caves (Mawsmai Caves), close to Cherrapunji.

Garo hills- Trekking is everywhere

Dense Forests of Garo hills.
Dense Forests of Garo hills.
  • A biosphere reserves area, situated in the west Meghalaya offers great trekking opportunities for the adventure lovers.
  • One must surely visit the dense forests of Garo hills and witness the beauty of them.
  • Home to the Nokrek Biosphere Reserve, Siju Wildlife Sanctuary and Balpakhram National Park, the region is undefined and abundant with breathtaking viewpoints and luxurious bio diversity.
  • Don’t miss the famous Butterfly tours.

Sunset boating- Umiam Lake

Umiam lake, Shillong
Umiam lake, Shillong
  • On the way to Shillong is a large water body from where the city gets gifts in numerous ways.
  • This is the Umiam Lake or Bada Pani and is the biggest lake in Shillong.
  • It is a man-made lake and has a water sports complex and the well known garden, Lum Nehru stop, by the lakeside.
  • Always abounding with tourists, the beauteous area additionally has anglers plotting of good catches.

Golf course- Walk on the grass

Golf course of Shillong
Golf course of Shillong
  • Appreciating playing golf in Shillong Golf Club has an attractive appeal through and through.
  • The club is situated at a beautiful setting with lavish green slopes at the scenery.
  • Delightful Pine and Rhdodendron trees work as awesome, improving plants to upgrade the quality of its undulating knolls.
  • Here I should specify the way that Golf was conveyed to Shillong by a gathering of British Civil Service refined man in 1898.
  • The course is known for including one of the longest attempting openings in India.

Walking in clouds

Clouds of Meghalaya, you can shake hands with.
Clouds of Meghalaya, you can shake hands with.
  • Already termed as the “Abode of clouds” this place will mesmerize you so much that you won’t be willing to come back, as soon as you meet with the clouds.
  • Walking towards Cherrapunji you’ll come across many home settlements at quite distances.
  • I believe them to be the most blessed people as their neighbours are Clouds and Winds.
  • Take a walk in the clouds, you’ll make it a lifetime memory.

Double Decker Root Bridge

Famous Bridge by living roots.
Famous Bridge by living roots.
  • The extensions are made of roots that are solid, perfectly healthy, as they keep on growing each day.
  • A portion of these are additionally twofold decker spans, which implies that they have two stories.
  • The Umshiang Double-Decker Root Bridge and Nohwet Living Root Bridge are famous bridges to wonder about these marvels that are as much a synthetic accomplishment as they are an accomplishment of nature!

Shillong – Why it is known Scotland of East?

Scotland of east.
Scotland of East.
  • Situated in one of the Seven Sisters Of India (seven states), Shillong fills in as the capital of Meghalaya state in nation’s upper east district.
  • There are in fact numerous similarities between this place with Scotland, and this is the reason Shillong is called as the “Scotland of the East!” despite the fact that present day, the city holds the curious appeal of a slope station.
  • It is home to bistros and eateries where unrecorded music and open mic evenings can be appreciated.
  • The city additionally has a variety of shops offering stylish clothing and extras at affordable costs! For all exploring better views of the city, simply make a way for Shillong Peak

Mawlynnong – Asia’s cleanest village

Mawlynnong, cleanest village in asia
Mawlynnong, cleanest village in Asia
  • Mawlynnong is touted to be Asia’s cleanest town, and which is all well and good.
  • The villagers here are devoted to keeping their environment clean, setting a case for every one of us!
  • The boulevards of Mawlynnong are fixed with bamboo dustbins and villagers, on a pivot premise, are allocated the job of cleaning the town.
  • Excellent holy places flourish here, and the villagers have tossed open their homes to guests.
  • It is additionally a decent place to purchase knickknacks and gifts.
  • Neighborhood home stay choices are in abundance, with some notwithstanding offering unmatchable perspectives of India’s outskirt with Bangladesh!


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