Lotus Temple – Bahá’í House of Worship

Lotus Temple – Bahá’í House of Worship

Delhi renowned for its social legacy, authentic places and visit places like Qutub Minar, Agrasen ki Baoli, Red Fort and many more. however, the capital of the nation additionally has numerous prevalent sanctuaries which portray its rich religious history as well. Out of many, Lotus Temple a standout amongst the most visited attractions in Delhi as well as all over Temple the first place of love of Bahá’í religion yet open for every one of the beliefs and religions.

According to the architect who designed the Lotus Temple, India losing its religious aspects the reason of being lotus temple built. The temple located at Nehru Place in Delhi state and was built 25 years ago. The temple comprises of 27 petals made of marble that forms a shape of a lotus flower. According to the nine powers of the human body,  nine doors to the temple. No religious books or things allowed inside the temple as the motto of making the temple considering all religions as one.  Musical prayers held by the preachers inside the temple. There are no pictures or statutes of any god inside the lotus temple. Around 2400 people can do prayer inside the temple at the same time. The floor made of white marble which was bought from Greece. It surrounded by magnificent ponds and splendid gardens which enhance the beauty of the temple.

Architecture & Design 

The engineering and outline of the Lotus Temple make it one of a kind in its own particular manner. The sanctuary outlined in a bloom like a plan by a Persian design Fariborz Sahba and his group of 800 architects, professionals, laborers, and craftsmen. He hailed from Canada. The reason he picked the outline of Lotus that Lotus symbolizes the peace, love, immaculateness, and everlasting status. The development and outlining of the sanctuary took right around 10 years and finished in 1986. The outline of the sanctuary resembles a half-opened Lotus blossoms which comprise 27 unsupported petals which are made of marbles.

Aside from this, another fascinating truth about the structure of the Lotus Temple that it has an exceptional design component got from the stipulation of `Abdu’l-Bahá, the child of the organizer of the religion that a fundamental building character of a House of Worship a nine-sided roundabout shape. Henceforth, the 27 detached marble ‘petals’ are orchestrated in the groups of three to frame nine sides. The Lotus Temple additionally has nine entryways which all open onto a focal corridor around 40 meters tall which can oblige around 2500 individuals at any given moment. Aside from nine entryways and a bunch of petals as nine-sided round shape, the Lotus Temple likewise has nine pools of water which illuminate in the characteristic light. The surface of the Lotus Temple made of white marble which was brought from Penteli Mountain in Greece.

The Lotus Temple 1

Accolades & Awards

Due to its unique and thoughtful design, the architect of the Lotus Temple, Fariborz Sahba awarded for excellence in religious art and architecture by the UK-based Institution of Structural Engineers for producing a building ‘so emulating the beauty of the flower and so attracting in its visual impact’. In the year 1988, the Lotus Temple accredited for its outdoor illumination.

Apart from all these awards, it has also be awarded by the American Concrete Institute Award for being one of the most artistically built concrete structures. It has also been awarded the ‘Glob Art Academy Award’ from Glob Art Academy, Vienna in the year 2000.

Best time to visit

Though no such best time to visit any religious place since the Lotus Temple.  suggested for the tourist to visit the Lotus Temple during the winter or spring season i.e. October to March as during the summers the scorching heat might take a toll on you due to the marbles used to develop the structure. Though the nine ponds surrounding the Lotus Temple would be a feel-good factor if the tourists visit the place during the evenings of the summers.

Open from 9:30 AM 5:30 PM in winters whereas from 9 AM to 7 PM in summers from Tuesday to Sunday.  closed on Monday.


Things to do

Apart from witnessing the beautiful architecture and artistic design of the Lotus Temple, A few other activities which tourists can do to rejuvenate themselves. They can also meditate in the serenity of the beautiful surrounding. Also, the visitors can taste the street food available at the nearby outlets.


  • The Lotus Temple one of the most visited attractions of India. As per an estimate, approximately 10,000 visitors visit the temple on daily basis and till now around four million tourists have visited the Lotus Temple.
  • The white marbles used to create the serene and beautiful architecture developed in around 10,000 diverse sizes.
  • Though a temple with no idols or statues to worship because as per the Bahá’í religion there should be no statues or idols in the House of Worship.
  • Apart from one Lotus Temple in India, the six other Bahá’í Houses of Worship in Sydney, Panama City, Apia, Kampala, Frankfurt, and Wilmette.

How to Reach

The Lotus Temple located at Kalkaji, New Delhi. Any tourist or visitor can reach to Lotus Temple through public conveyance like Metro or DTC Buses. Metro station near to temple, Kalkaji Mandir Metro Station.

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Map of Lotus temple


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