Haryana – The “Forest Land of Hari”

Set in the lower regions of Aravalli, the little territory of Haryana sprawls over a region of more than 44,000 square kilometers in North India. It was established in 1966 when the previous territory of Punjab was partitioned into Haryana and the cutting edge Punjab. Haryana, which means Home of Hari (goddess Vishnu) has a glad history that goes back to the Vedic age. It has seen the ascent and fall of numerous a domain. It was here that Lord Krishna granted to the Pandava warrior, Arjun the lessons of the Bhagwad Gita. Haryana is eminent for its old sanctuaries, noteworthy engineering, and lavish greenery, which draw in a huge number of fans and holidaymakers from all parts of the nation.

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The name of Haryana in a flash evokes the picture of a State which incredibly joins both-antique and in abundance. The Vedic place where there is Haryana has been a supporter of Indian culture and progress.This hypothesis of creation has been affirmed to an expansive degree by archeological examinations did by Guy E. Explorer in 1915, who has set up that 15 million years prior, early man lived in the Haryana Shivaliks. The Vamana Purana expresses that King Kuru furrowed the field of Kurukshetra with a brilliant plowshare drawn by the Nandi of Lord Shiva and recovered a region of seven Kosas.

It was on this dirt that holy person Ved Vyas composed Mahabharata. It was here, 5,000 long years back that Lord Krishna lectured the good news of obligation to Arjuna at the on set of the considerable skirmish of Mahabharata:”

Places To Explore 


A basic town that existed on the edges of Delhi, Gurugram’s development into an urban wilderness and a city that has led India’s modern development has been staggering. With rapid metro trains, ultra-present day structures, and zooming race autos, Gurugram has a capricious appeal that makes you become hopelessly enamored with the city. The exceptionally chic and well-informed network is an ideal impression of the sprawling city brimming with multi-national organizations, IT goliaths, car processing plants and corporate workplaces. It is very clear that Gurugram has earned its tag “Digital City.” The scene of the city is always showing signs of change, with a blasting land segment that sets up new structures at a galactic pace. A focal point of everything cool, it might amaze you that Gurugram likewise has very nearly 25 sections of land of open space, smack amidst the clamoring city. Recreation Valley Park is a sanctuary for the nature admirers of the city, looking for asylum from the commotion and hive of movement of this quickly developing satellite city.

Gurgaon Haryana
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Chandigarh city appeared in 1952 when its establishment stone was laid. Otherwise called “The City Beautiful”, Chandigarh is one of the cutting edge urban communities of India composed by the French draftsman Le Corbusier. The city got its name from a sanctuary “Chandi Mandir” situated close to the city. “Chandi” is the god – the goddess of intensity; “Garh” implies abode, which converts into “home of the goddess Chandi.”

Chandigarh is home to a large number of vagrants from Punjab and different states.. The city has the most elevated per capita salary in India, making it a standout among the most well-off urban communities. The land business has been continually blasting since the year 2000 with property rates now more costly than New York. The city eateries are constantly loaded up with individuals, markets humming with buyers,  charming climate for a long time consistently, wonderful parks.

Chandigarh Haryana
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The city was one of the five urban areas (prasthas) established by the Pandava siblings amid the seasons of Mahabharata; its noteworthy name being Paneprastha. It was the scene of three vital fights in Indian history. The Panipat city was announced as a District on 1, Jan 1992.

It  is arranged on the banks of the waterway Yamuna This area is flanked by Karnal, Sonipat, Jind and Kaithal and the territory of Uttar Pradesh. It is only 90 kms from the national capital Delhi on National Highway-Today Panipat is a mechanical town and is known for its handloom items.

Panipat is the city of materials and floor coverings. It is likewise known for its reality celebrated pickle ‘Pachranga International’. This city is additionally well known for its handloom industry. It is likewise home to numerous ventures, Indian Oil Co. Ltd. (IOCL) Refinery, NTPC Thermal Power Plant and National Fertilizers Limited. It is the greatest place for modest covers and covers in India.

Panipat Haryana
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‘The Steel City’ of India, Hisar is a piece of the Indian state Haryana and falls under the National Capital Region. With an expounded history that is related to the city, Hisar likewise is an essential piece of present-day India. Incorporating the remaining parts and hints of Pre-Harappan Civilization and Harappan Civilizations, Hisar is India’s biggest site displaying the life of most punctual settlements of the people.

The place gets its name from Firoz Shah Tughlaq amid his control and named the city as Hisar-e-Firoza in 1354 AD. Hisar has likewise been a piece of the adventure to autonomy and been an observer amid the British-raj. Hisar is a mix of memorable India.

Hissar Haryana
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The Ambala District has cases of being one of the Historical well-known Districts of Haryana State. Based on different abstract and archeological confirmations it is conceivable to give a blueprint of culture and History of Ambala District. The soonest education reference to the area including the Ambala District in the Taittiriya Aranayaka which notices Turghna as the flanking locale towards the North of Kurukshetra. Another variant is that the name is a defilement of Amba Wala or the mango-town making a decision from mango forests that existed in its prompt neighborhood. Still another variant is that the District has taken its name after goddess “Bhawani Amba” whose Temple still exists in Ambala city.

Ambala Haryana
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The region imparts its limits to the National Capital and Union Territory of Delhi to its north, Gurgaon region toward the west and Uttar Pradesh to its east and south. Faridabad appreciates a prime area both topographically and politically. The city has numerous railroad stations on the Delhi-Mathura twofold track expansive measure line of the North Central Railway. The railroad stations of OldFaridabad and New Industrial Township (NIT) are the significant ones

Faridabad is the biggest city and one of the major modern center points of Haryana. It produces 60% of the income of the state. Half of the salary assess gathered in Haryana is from Faridabad and Gurgaon. Faridabad is well known for Heena production while tractors, bikes, shift gears, fridges, shoes, and tires are the popular modern products of the city.

Faridabad Haryana
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The city of Karnal is said to have been established by Philanthropic Daanveer Raaja Karna, a Warrior in the Mahabharata war. It is said that he used to Donate and give away ( Sawaa Mann ) weight of Gold Everyday to penniless. The first name of Karnal city is Karnalaya (home of Karna). This is the equivalent Karna, who was the oldest child of Kunti and God Sun (in this way Surya Putra Karna) and in this way, Karnal is known as the city of Daanvir Karna. It has been a walled town to the extent its history can be followed and it was said that to have 10 doors some of them are still there to be specific Karn Gate, Kalandari Gate, Arjun Gate, Subhash Gate, Jaataan Gate, Jundla Gate, Baanson Gate, Dyalpura Gate to give some examples, which were shut at dusk and it had a bastion at one time.

Karnal Haryana
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Situated in the valley the lower Shivalik regions, Pinjore is a part of the Panchkula district of Haryana. Shivalik scripts the commencement of one of the most remarkable mountains that offer a paradise for tourists and explorers. This ancient, spiritual place originating its name from Panchpura— the town of the Pandavas, is close to Chandigarh.

Being ironic in cultural heritage, Pinjore is best recognized for its Mughal and Pinjore Gardens. Chief languages spoken are Hindi and Punjabi. Pinjore is a habitation to explore when one is looking for peacetime, and to spend some quality time with family and friends

Some tourists places to explore are Brahmsarovar, the kingdom of dreams, Krishna museum, Kurukshetra panorama science center, Shiekh chili ka Maqbara, Cactus garden, Surajkund, Mansa Devi temple, Pipli zoo,  Karnal lake, Birla mandir, Sheetla Devi temple, Kaurav and Pandav mandir and, Kalka.

Pinjore Haryana
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Interesting facts about Haryana

  • Some historic and remarkable battles of Panipat and Kurukshetra of Mahabharata were fought here.
  • Haryana is the largest exporter of rice.
  • Haryana is the first state to have 100 percent electricity rate in rural areas.
  • India got 38 gold medals from the state in commonwealth games.
  • Haryana shares its capital city with Punjab.

 Climate of Haryana

The weather of Haryana over a maximum period of the year is of a distinct continental character. It is very scorching in summer and distinctly icy in winter. The drizzle in the region is low and unpredictable excluding the parts of the Karnal and Ambala regions. The rainfall is erratically dispersed during the year except for two well noticeable seasons. Monsoon period lasts from the middle of June to the end of September on which autumn crop and spring seeding depend and the other is the winter rains which occur from December to February, advancing Rabi crop. Rainfall is insufficient, mainly in the areas of Mahendragarh and Hissar.

Climate of Haryana
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How to Reach

By Air

Haryana relishes worthy availability to places like Jammu, Delhi, Leh and Srinagar by air. Chandigarh Airport is the major airport with flights to Mumbai, New Delhi, Jaipur, Indore, and Srinagar.

By Railway

Delhi Metro Rail connects Delhi with Gurgaon and Bahadurgarh and Faridabad will be joined with the city in 2016 and 2014. Railways connect the state with all the towns in the country. Chandigarh Railway station is the chief terminus.

By Road

The Grand Trunk Road runs through the regions of Kurukshetra, Panipat, Sonipat, Karnal, and Ambala. The state comprises of 29 national highways and several state highways. The Kundli-Manesar-Palwal or KMP Expressway is added foremost motorway under construction. NH 21 and NH 22 connects  Chandigarh to diverse cities in India such as Kalka, Ambala, Kinnaur, Shimla, Leh, and Chandigarh.

Map Of Haryana