Blissful Bihar

Blissful Bihar

Bihar – Home to a Mathematics Genius!

A state in eastern India lies on the Gangetic plain, with Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and east, and Nepal. The region is dispersed into two unequal parts by the waterway Ganga which streams through the focal from west to east. Bihar is one of India’s pitiable states, with unembellished social segregation. Voyagers may find the inconveniences common to voyaging wherever in India are more conspicuous.

One of the most grounded horticultural states Bihar, the extent of populace occupied with farming generation is adjacent 80 for each penny, which is substantially more prominent than the national average. A portion of the quickly developing ventures in the state is Food preparing, dairy, sugar, assembling and human services. The fourth significant maker of vegetables and the eight prime makers of organic products in India.

Chhath Puja is an imperative celebration celebrated in Bihar since antiquated Vedic occasions. The celebration is given to Lord Surya (Sun) and ChhathiMaiya.

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The state savors an uncommon area particular advantage in light of its region to the tremendous markets of eastern and northern India, access to harbors, for example, Kolkata and Haldia and to crude material sources and mineral stores from the abutting states. The state has an enormous base of savvy modern physical work, building it a perfect goal for a broad cluster of ventures.

Patna is the capital city now and Patliputra in those periods was home to one of the fundamental rulers in the historical backdrop of the world who administered the Indian – Subcontinent and stretched out similar to Iran and Afghanistan toward the West. Bihar is the intriguing place where there is incredible religious pioneers like Gautama Buddha, Lord Mahavir, and Guru Gobind Singh.

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The History of Bihar as an area is extremely rich and exciting. This is because of the way that Bihar was a focal point of intensity, learning, and culture. It has been a supporter of Indian human advancement and the origin of two of the significant religions that have radiated from India: Buddhism and Jainism. A significant part of the old Indian content composed outside of the religious legends have been composed in this old land: Arthashashtra and Kamasutra being the most unmistakable. The principal known republic, a state without a sovereign lord, existed in this district in excess of two thousand years back

Bihar remained an imperative place of intensity for around a thousand years. Its significance as the focal point of Indian culture and training outlasted its significance as the focal point of Power by another five hundred years or somewhere in the vicinity. Out of the three antiquated colleges of India, two Nalanda and Vikramshila Universities were situated in Bihar, with the third being Taxila in present-day Pakistan. These antiquated focuses of learning were obliterated by the marauding early Islamic marauders around 1200 AD.

History of Bihar
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Places to Explore 

Bodhgaya and the Mahabodhi Temple

Bodh Gaya Bihar
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Bihar is the place the Buddha started his voyage to illumination and it’s conceivable to follow in his sacrosanct strides. The most imperative Buddhist journey put on the planet is Bodhgaya, where the Buddha ended up edified while reflecting under a bodhi tree. The radiant Mahabodhi Temple, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, denotes the spot. It’s a sprawling and peaceful place to invest some energy. Bodhgaya likewise has numerous Buddhist religious communities and sanctuaries, with shifting building styles. In case you’re keen on Buddhism, you’ll discover a lot of courses and withdraws on offer there.

Mahabodhi Temple Bihar
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Hindu pioneers play out a gathering puja on the bed of the sacred waterway Phalgu River, by the Vishnupad Temple.

In spite of the fact that it’s not a long way from Bodhgaya, Gaya couldn’t be more unique. Remote vacationers may wish to skirt this somewhat uproarious and unappealing town, which is a noteworthy community for Hindu travelers. The fundamental fascination is the Vishnupad Temple, with its colossal impression of Lord Vishnu engraved on the stone. Sadly, non-Hindus aren’t permitted inside the sanctuary. Travelers come to Gaya to play out the heavenly “Pinda Dan” custom for their perished seniors, which Lord Ram and his significant other Sita are said to have completed there. The custom is accepted to free the spirits of the expired, and also give salvation and discharge from resurrection.

Gaya Bihar
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Nalanda University

An essential fascination on Bihar’s Buddhist Circuit, the broad vestiges of Nalanda University go back to the fifth century, making it one of the world’s most seasoned colleges. Nalanda was a critical place for Buddhist learning with an expected 10,000 priests and understudies. It made due until the point that the twelfth century when it was scoured by Muslim intruders and its library set ablaze. In excess of 9 million original copies are thought to have been demolished. The feature of the remains is the pyramid-formed Stupa of Sariputra, flanked by steps and models. The vestiges were recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2016, making it the second one in Bihar.

Nalanda University Bihar
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Buddha spent various years at Rajgir in the wake of getting to be illuminated. In spite of the fact that a well-known journey goal for Buddhists, Hindus, and Jains, Rajgir don’t generally get as much consideration from remote travelers as it merits. A few days can be spent investigating the region, which has numerous authentic locales, hollows, holy places, and sanctuary remains.

A standout amongst the most prevalent activities is taking the elevated tramway/ropeway tough to the Vishwa Shanti Stupa. Stroll down the slope and visit Vulture’s Peak, where Buddha used to lecture his devotees. The view is imperative. Additionally of intrigue are the leftovers of the old stone Cyclopean divider, developed by Mauryan rulers, that used to encompass Rajgir. Hot springs with restorative properties draw in numerous guests however they’re grimy and inadequately kept up. A yearly Rajgir Mahotsav established music and move celebration happens toward the finish of December. The Mahaparinirvan Express Buddhist Train incorporates Bodhgaya, Rajgir, and Nalanda on its agenda.

Rajgir Bihar
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Vaishali is another imperative Buddhist and Jain pioneer goal. Ruler Buddha much of the time visited the city, which was expansive and prosperous, and lectured his last lesson at adjacent Kolhua. Sovereign Ashoka assembled one of his acclaimed lion columns there, in the third century BC, to remember the event. Numerous individuals additionally trust that Lord Mahavira, the 24th, and last Jain instructor was conceived in the region – in spite of the fact that this is discussed. Different attractions incorporate another Vishwa Shanti Stupa (six of these world peace pagodas have been developed in India) and a little archeological historical center.

Vaishali Bihar
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Sonepur Fair

The yearly Sonepur Fair is a legitimate provincial reasonable that joins otherworldliness with an elephant, dairy cattle, and steed exchanging. It happens in late November at Sonepur, around a short ways from the capital city of Patna. Customarily known as a dairy cattle reasonable, the Sonepur Fair presently has a more business center with the point of drawing in both household and universal voyagers. Try not to miss the enamoring scene of tantriks, explorers, and elephants scrubbing down in the waterway at dawn on Karthik Purnima!

Sonepur Fair Bihar
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In case you’re making a trip from Bodhgaya to Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, it merits halting at Sasaram to see Emperor Sher Shah Suri’s catacomb. In old occasions, previously Mughal rulers moved it to Delhi, Bihar used to be the focal point of intensity. Numerous Sufi holy people went to the area and pulled in pioneers with their liberal attitudes and humanistic lecturing. You’ll locate various sacrosanct tombs of Muslim rulers in Bihar. The one having a place with Emperor Sher Shah Suri is among the most extravagantly developed. It sits amidst a huge counterfeit lake.

Area: 120 Kilometers (75 miles) east of Bodhgaya and 155 kilometers (96 miles) southwest of Patna. It’s about somewhere between Bodhgaya and Varanasi.

Sasaram Bihar
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Cuisine of Bihar

The mouth-watering and delectable Litti-Chokha, Bihari Kebab, Thekua, Khaja are sufficient to make you an enthusiast of Bihari food. The lip-smacking taste of Litti Chokha, appreciated by every last one, needs no presentation. Chandrakala/Pedakiya Very like Gujia, Chandrakala is another wonderful treat for those with a sweet tooth. Malpua is another Bihari sustenance enchant that needs no presentation. “Sattu (a blend of ground heartbeats and grain) is a standout amongst the most regularly utilized fixings in Bihari food.

Cuisine of Bihar
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Fairs and Festivals

Chhath is the most essential celebration of the state and is praised six days after Diwali when individuals from all positions can stand together in the waterway and love the sun god. The customs identified with Chhath are exceptionally stringent and there are a few folktales, tunes, and extraordinary desserts that make this celebration a one of a kind ordeal.

Another remarkable custom limited to Bihar is the Pind-daan performed by the Gayawals in Gaya. It is thought to be a commitment of every faithful Hindu to visit this place after the demise of their folks, an obligatory ritual accepted to convey salvation to the withdrew spirits.

In the late spring month of June, the general population of Mithila in the town of Saurath sorts out a novel marriage store in a mango plantation. Amid this reasonable, guardians whose kids are of eligible age come here and the Mithila Brahmins settle a record number of relational unions amid this time.

Sonepur is the scene of a fabulous cows reasonable held in the long stretch of November. The reasonable is positioned as the world’s biggest and it isn’t just restricted to creature exchange yet various shows and exhibitions are additionally a piece of the reasonable.

Fair and Festivals of Bihar
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There are three all-around characterized seasons: the sweltering climate season, enduring from March to mid-June; the period of southwest rainstorm downpours, from mid-June to October; and the cool climate season, from November to February. May is the most blazing month, with temperatures routinely surpassing 90 °F (32 °C), aside from in the outrageous north. The coolest month is January, with temperatures regularly ascending into the low 70s F (around 22 °C). The typical yearly precipitation changes from around 40 inches (1,000 mm) in the west-focal piece of the state to in excess of 60 inches (1,500 mm) in the extraordinary north. Almost all the rain falls among June and October, with July and August being the wettest months. The cool climate season is the most charming piece of the year.

Climate of Bihar
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How to Reach


Bihar has two airplane terminals at Patna and Ranchi associated with Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Calcutta, and in addition Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Indian Airlines and Sahara Airways have non-stop flights among Patna and Delhi.


The state has a very much created railroad coordinate with all the major and minor spots associated through great trains. Significant railroad stations like Patna, Dhanbad, Muzaffarpur, Gaya, and Ranchi are associated with all the real urban communities of India by normal trains.


There is a great system of streets associating all the real parts of the state with Patna, thAe state capital. National Highways like 2, 23, 28, 30, 31, and 33 associate the state to places all over India. The separation of a portion of the real places in the state from Patna are Sonepur 25 km, Vaishali 55 km, Nalanda 90 km, Gaya 97 km, Bodhgaya 110 km, and Ranchi 289 km.

Best time to visit

The atmosphere of the state is tropical with sweltering summers and chilly winters. Storm conveys medium to high precipitation and surges a few zones in north Bihar. Dampness levels stay high in the north and focal Bihar all through the late spring and storm season, making them very awkward. The ideal time to visit is from October to March.

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