Dudhsagar Waterfalls – The Milky Water

Dudhsagar Waterfalls – The Milky Water

The magnificent Dudhsagar waterfall of pure white water, flowing over the sheer is breathtaking and awe-inspiring situated at  Mandovi river.  The name signifies “Sea of Milk” which also creates an illusion to the visitors of flowing a white spray or foam created when waters submerged with the lake. It is nestled in the Sanguem Taluka of Goa comes under the Goa forest department. Waterfall appears like streams of milk rushing down from a mountain. It is a four-tiered waterfall, which is about 1015 ft high and 100 ft wide.  It is the highest waterfalls in India and comes in the 100 highest waterfalls in the world.

An incredible destination which is renowned for its milky water.  Dudhsagar falls are an exceptionally pleasurable originating from the immense mountains of the Western Ghats, the waterfalls are divided into four levels in the Mondovi River.

The breath-taking view of one of India’s giant waterfall, the smashing noise of the water striking the rocks, the splish-splash of water, and the cold light wind, there is loveliness in its power and calmness in its serenity.

Mesmerizing Dudhsagar waterfall
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It Falls on the GoaKarnataka border. It is about 60 km from Panaji(Capital of Goa).

The waterfalls are surrounded by forest reserve which comes under Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary which is a home to numerous birds and animals. The roads are well maintained by Goa forest department. To reach this wonderful place one can go by walk. The trek journey is magnificent. The nearest railway station is Castle Rock station.

railway station dudhsagar
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There is a thing about the place is that the railway station does not have the station or platform.  Passengers have to cross a ladder and walk through train compartment to catch the train. The reason of being a railway station without a platform makes it a renowned place. People have to walk around 1 kilometer to reach the falls. A 200-meter dark tunnel walk makes it tougher for the people to walk. There are no basic facilities available near the railway station and no access to mobile networks. Indian railways have announced to stop the services of rail near the falls.

The good time to see the magnificent waterfall from October to May.  Monsoon season is not good to visit. When the monsoon season is over the water looks amazing with an abundance of water presence.

dudhsagar tunnel
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An ancient myth that revolves around the creation of the name of the falls. The saga narrates that once a princess who was the daughter of the King of the Ghats. The princess was as humble as she was gorgeous and believed in the purity of the soul. The myth that she used to bathe in the lake nearby her father’s palace every day.

After taking bath she and her maidens come together on the shores of the lake and the princess consumed a jug of milk. The jug formed of pure gold and decorated with sparkly diamonds.

One day a prince was making his way through the falls when the beautiful princess was having the milk. After hearing the laughter prince stopped to take a look and princess was embarrassed by the bathing attire she was wearing. After seeing that her maidens emptied the milk which created a drape around the princess so that she could put on clothes.

Though the waterfall of milk saves the modesty of the princess and hence being the reason behind the name of falls.

Recently its been in rumors that the Dudhsagar trek has been closed for public and the railway trek officially closed by the government. But the trek for the Dudhsagar bottom is still open.

Basically, there are two routes. One is from Kulem which is completed by jeep to reach the bottom of the fall and the other trek is to reach by railway. One can trek up to Sonaulim station that joins the mud route. The mud route saves 2 km distance.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls
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The good time to see the magnificent waterfall is from October to May.  Monsoon season prefers not good to visit. When the monsoon season is over the water looks amazing with an abundance of water presence. During the monsoon from June to September waterfall is at its peak flow, During summers from March to June it wanes out. The most pleasant weather  betwweather between February.

Nearest Place to Visit

Mahadev Temple Tambdi Surla
Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary
Vasco Da Gama

How to Reach 

By Air 

The nearest airport to the falls are, Belgaum airport is  90 km from the falls, Dabolim 112 km and Hubli airport 131 km from the Dudhsagar falls.

By Road

One can travel by road to Dudhsagar falls From Kulem (NH-4A)

By Rail

One can travel to Dudhsagar Falls through the nearest railway station ie., Kulem(QLM). The route goes via Mollem, Karmali,  Vasco da Gama and Belgaum.

Fees & Permits

The forest department charges an entry fee of Rs 20 per person.
Still camera, permit costs Rs 300
For professional camera could cost Rs 5000

Things to remember 

Do not dive into the Devil’s Canyon, it has strong undercurrents that can sweep you away with the flow.

Mosquito repellent is a must carry in monsoon season.

One must avoid edibles near the cascade.

Carry drinking water and some food as there is no availability of basic things nearby but avoid littering.

Map Of Dudhsagar falls

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