Skydiving in India – Fall that One Can Never Escape

Skydiving in India – Fall that One Can Never Escape


Look there’s a Skydiver! Whenever you see a person above the sky under the huge piece of cloth. Skydiving, not the only way to go around in the sky. In fact, a part of a wider family. Skydiving one of the best adventure sport, some calls “extreme sports,” some call “gravitational game”, some lumps with “adventure sports”.  If you want to know what is skydiving, go for the training first.
When it comes to extreme adventure games, Skydiving meant only for hard-core enthusiasts.

However, if you don’t get faint and having a fantasy of climbing by the open sky, excitement tapping in your heart, then the best moment to try the incredible experience of skydiving in India.

But what dive you choose really matters.

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Types of Skydives

Tandem Jump

The simplest form of skydiving in India, here you are connected with a trainer through a harness. Both of you jump together using the same parachute and the coach pulls the cord.

tandem jump
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Static Line Jump

In this skydive, you are connected to the plane with a cord. And the parachute passes automatically after about 3 seconds of no action required by the passenger. The jump designed only from 3000 feet and requires 6 hours of training.

static line jump
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Quick Free Fall

Not for the unconscious heart, where you jump with no attachment and free fall. One of the most challenging experiences of skydiving in India. Consistently, considering the serious nature of this skydive, it requires both classroom instruction and practical training and done at least 13,000 feet.

free fall jump
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Top destinations in India for skydiving

Ambe Valley, Maharashtra

India’s best place for Skydiving, the Ambe valley must be in your bucket list. visit Ambe valley for the breathtaking adventure and to have a sight of wonderful view while falling down.
A keen skydiver, this place gives membership which allows one to enjoy the full year for skydiving. Their specialty comprises of the tandem jump of 10,000 feet though, organizers also proposing to offer other types.

1 hour-long practice session with the trainer, in that you will be provided knowledge about the fundamental things to do and don’t of skydiving. After the briefing, you will be taken to an aircraft it will take you to the starting spot of about 10,000 feet, where you will take that huge impressive fall from the airplane with your trainer. The trainer will expand the chute in 20-40 seconds. In 40-45 minutes of time, you can sense the relaxing ambiance of the Ambe valley, while the air takes you on a pleasing journey.

Ambe Valley, Maharashtra

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Tandem jumps: Mon – Thursday – $ 20000, Friday- Sun – INR 25,000
Time: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
Tip: Aamby Valley now allows only Tandem jumps for presently. Bring relaxed and loosened clothes and sports shoes.

Deesa, Gujarat

In the city of beautiful lakes in Gujarat, in Deesa, the Sports Authority of the Republic of India acknowledged its ability to become an authorized zone for a jump in the form of adventure sports. Thus, DESA became the primary diving spot within the country. Each year, the town becomes the entertainer of many skydiving competitions. Gujarat’s athletics specialists area unit within the method of changing DESA into an area for such sports with a lot of expertise. whereas one will select a tandem bicycle jump here, for the primary time skydivers will get positively unforgettable expertise.

There a conjointly a static jump during which the parachute jumper can take coaching for one and a half days. within the static jump, the participant is that the owner of his own – there’s no trainer with him, that related to a harness, rather he’s connected to 2 trainers through the radio, concerning the skydivers concerning safe landing to guide you.

deesa gujrat
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Falling height: up to  4,000 feet.

Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

Positioned in the peaceful city of Dhana, at  Sagar region of the Madhya Pradesh. There an airstrip at this place where different supervisors plan the sky diving sports for the loving adrenaline rush. The Freefall time is less, though, any area can enjoy vast parts of the landscape. In this fantastic city, the prime Indian skydiving happened. To assured help in a secure landing, the tandem instructor is tied with the skydiver. A half an hour practice session is a must for a higher dive.  120 miles per hour speed is about in free fall.

dhana madhya pradesh
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Fall height: 9000 – 10000 feet.

Famous operatives:  Chimes Aviation Academy, Thrills Extreme

Ideal time: Time of year excluding monsoon and excessive wind season.

Mysore, Karnataka

Based on the majestic Chamundi hills, Mysore is home to several parachuting events. The charming views on your trip from on top of can provide you with goosebump. to completely perceive SkyDiver’s adventures of his initial solo chute jump, the whole day of a whole coaching session is needed. fast Freefall (AFF) may be unambiguously thrilling expertise during which the progress of dive is quicker than the amount of ground-level from ten,000 to 15,000 feet.

Two instructors also will jump with the participant, however, they’re going to not be tied to a bond for the participant. this can be one dive wherever the teacher can facilitate the participant in maintaining position in mid-air. coaching for AFF lasts for regarding eight days. this can be a complicated level of parachuting and also the participant is predicted to complete the primary 2 static jumps or a young jump. just in case of weather condition or cancellation thanks to the other reason, there’s a full refund of the fee.

mysore skydiving

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Fall height: 9000 – 10000 feet.

Famous operators: SkyRiders

Pondicherry, Tamilnadu

While Pondicherry may be a standard traveler destination for several reasons, the jump is one in each of them. during this coastal beauty, you’ve got the choice to do static jumps with bicycle furthermore. A free fall from the sky can provide you with a chance to relish the breathless landscape. you’ll see the ocean caressing the bottom from on top of, sort of a kite, soaring controls your ride.

For those that come back to journey sports a lot of, the operator organizes appropriate camps in step with the weather. For static jump, the minimum age is sixteen years, whereas eighteen years for the bicycle jump. the autumn height for a bicycle jump in Pondicherry is ten,000 feet and for static jumping, it is 4,000 feet. Therefore, set up a visit to the current town with a powerful French colonial settlement and encourage yourself to rise and fly high.

Pondicherry, Tamilnadu skydiving
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Fall height: 10000 feet.

Things to understand

The passion that comes with a random or assisted flight from the sky, price attempting. The dream of flying high sort of a bird accomplished through parachuting. The last necessary basic dos and don’ts of this journey game.

What to Do

  • Pay attention to every detail shared with you throughout the coaching session, so you have got a decent understanding of the facts of parachuting. whereas most organizers conduct a mandatory coaching session, if you would like to fly alone, you’ll be able to conjointly recruit during a well-equipped facility.
  • Make sure you recognize yourself well with gear.
  • Check whether or not the trainer is eligible with the mandatory certificates.
  • It is best to travel for a parachute on light-weight meals – neither on AN empty abdomen nor on a full abdomen as a result of first-time adventures might turn dangerous.
  • Dress code-  shorts, a full-sleeve tee, and tight-lace shoes so the wind doesn’t knock them.

What to not Do

  • Before doing one thing new and difficult, like parachuting, analysis on the web is sweet, however, don’t pass each word. . the web trick isn’t that you simply believe yourself in each word. The operators take care of the protection of the participants, therefore any probability of things established in the wrong way is extraordinarily low.
  • While the peak of Freefall offers you thought of the adventures concerned here, don’t let yourself hurt by imagining inconceivable however massive is that the fall, as a result of here all the fun lies.
  • During the autumn, if the nervousness grips you for an instant, then relax, take a deep breath and bear in mind the coaching course and if you’re on one flight, instantly be part of the radio with the teacher.
  • Confidence signifies often smart, however, doesn’t enable yourself to be positive and thinks that coaching not any longer needed that you simply saw enough parachuting videos on YouTube.
  • Always opt for coaching before jumping. In the end, parachuting in itself is AN epinephrin pumping activity, therefore don’t attempt to consume alcohol within the hope of doubling the fun.  able to assure you that fun is secure.