A Beautiful Airport in the Deep Sea : “Agatti Island”

A Beautiful Airport in the Deep Sea : “Agatti Island”

Interesting Fact about Agatti Airport

Aggati Island

Agatti Airport is located on the southern end of “Agatti Island”.

  • Agatti is part of the union territory of “Lakshadweep” in India.
  • Agatti islands open to tourism. (the Island under certain restrictions)
  • Tourist required entry permit from the “Lakshadweep” Administration for visiting the island. the entry permit is issued based on the visitor having a confirmed place to stay.
  • There are only two hotels or resorts in Agatti (“Agatti Island Beach Resort” & “Sea Shells Beach Resort”)
Agatti Island
“Agatti Island” Scuba Diving Activity
  • Agatti Island is a tiny 7 km long island and it can be easily covered on foot or by bicycle.
  • The airstrip was constructed during 1987−88.
  • It was inaugurated on 16 April 1988.
  • Agatti airport is spread over 18.56 hectares (45.9 acres).
  • It has one asphalt runway
  • its terminal building can handle 50 passengers during peak hours.
  • It is operated by the Airports Authority of India.
  • Agatti Airport (AGX)
Agatti Island
” Agatti Island” beautiful Sea view
  • Length : 4,235 (1,291 m)
  • IATA Code: AGX
  • ICAO Code   VOAT
  • Latitude: 10.8237
  • Longitude: 72.1760025
  • Time Zone: Asia/Kolkata (GMT +5.5:00)

Map of “Agatti Island”

Source :   Wekipedia

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