Trekking in Manali – See how the world looks from height

Trekking in Manali – See how the world looks from height

Manali, the adventure capital, situated in the Valley of Beas river with an elevation of 6725 above the sea level. A perfect place saying Hello to the Indian Youth, welcoming them to watch its sunrises, to walk on the snow it receives from sky, to dance around the bonfire of its camping, to howl from the peaks of the mountains, to haunt from the previous beliefs and to collect moments and memories to cherish a Lifetime.

Manali has been a favorite trekking spot for every trek lover. Adventures are the jewelry that Manali wears on her and of all the adventures, trekking is the best one of them.

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High peaks and adventures that with lush greenery that cannot be forgotten is what a Manali trip is all about. Come along with friends or as a backpacker or with family and take back the magical vibe from the pine forests and the beautiful Beas River that borders this amazing destination. As the matter of fact, Legend states that an ancient Sage’s ark found its resting spot there after a flood and Manali literally translates to the resting place of a saint named Manu.
This hill station is nestled in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, located near the northern part of the Kullu Valley.


Settled in the middle of the snow-topped slants of the Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar ranges, Manali is a standout amongst the most famous slope stations in the nation. With stunning perspectives, lavish green woods, sprawling glades covered with blossoms, spouting blue streams, an unending tall tale like fog waiting noticeable all around, and a tenacious scent of pines and freshness – Manali has been honored with unprecedented beautiful excellence. From galleries to sanctuaries, from interesting little radical towns to clamoring upscale boulevards, waterway undertakings to trekking trails, Manali has ever motivation to be the vacationer magnet it is, throughout the entire year.

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Clean streets, influencing eucalyptus trees, charming little diners, little kitschy neighborhood commercial centers, and bistros which serve flavorful nearby nourishment at mind-boggling costs, Old Manali is a peaceful, serene place, Therefore whose waiting quietness is broken just by the twittering of the winged animals and the sound of the thundering waters of the Kullu waterway.

Best Treks In Manali

Hampta pass trek

This terrific crossover trek is a fascinating thrilling trek for the beginners. This trek makes your trembling steps have a journey that waves the lush green valleys of Kullu to the chanting landscapes of Lahaul. Every new day of this makes you a new drink to serve in a form that attains a place in your heart.

You walk through the culture of the village Banhara to the meadows of Lama Dugh which again is a trek of 3-4 hours with an elevation of 3170 m. The Oak, deodar and fir trees trail our path through the dense forest to this Lama Dugh trek. This beautiful trek then leads us to the paradise of cold shadows of Deo Tibba mountain.

Hampta Pass
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The narrow valleys of Hampta pass, when decorated by the sheets of snow, gives you a wonderland feel. The plain sand grounds of Balu Ka Ghera and the sheaths of Shea Ghoru are pleasing you to not leave them. The tired body getting all the nerves rouse by looking at the spectacular and astonishing sceneries are the gifts of this trek.

  • Season to go on Hampta trek – June to September
  • Duration – 7-8 Days

Malana Village trek

Malana a secret mysterious village in the woes of hills.  Located in the Parvati Valley. It is believed that the natives are the descendants of the soldier’s of Alexander the great. This village is another world on its own, with their own culture, beliefs and a completely different lifestyle. Its said that even touching the people or their properties is strictly prohibited. Also renowned as mini Israel.

Malana Village trek
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It is a 21 km trek starting from the base of Kasol to Malana. Let the adventurer out of yourself and trek to this unique world away from the hustle and bustle of the urban cities.

  • Season to go on Malana village trek – April to June
  • Duration – 2-3 Days

Chandratal lake trek

This lake is also known as the “moon lake” as walking to this lake feels like walking on the moon. Locate just 6kms away from the Kunzum pass. Trekkers or mountaineers have to face these two challenging ranges that make way. They are Moulika & Chandrabhaga.

The history of the lake says that “the chariot of god” picked Yudhistra from this place, which also makes this lake as a sacred one. It attracts the Hindu devotees as being called sacred. This lake is a source of the Chandra river. It changes its color s all day from red to orange then to blue and then to emerald green.

Chandratal lake trek
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Such facts and its jaw-dropping beauty attract a large no. of tourists, travelers, and adventurers.

  • Season to go on Chandratal lake trek – June to mid-October.
  • Duration – 10 days

Bhrigu lake trek

This lake is 3-4 days hike to Manali via trek. It is an alpine lake of altitude. The way heads through a steep way of virgin forests and lush green meadows that opens in an amazing campsite of Rola Khuli.

The trek ways through Hanuman Tibba and seven sisters peak. Then those rocky paths help you to manage towards the color changing lake. Traveling from any part of the world to watch the mesmerizing atmosphere around the lake would be worthy. And yes, because now you’re already in the sky you’ll watch the clouds dancing by your sides. Descending down to the rice fields of Pandu Ropa will get you grasses that are taller than you. You’ll be more amazed after arriving at the traditional villages and apple chords.

Bhrigu lake trek
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The ending at the Vashisht’s holy water spring will make you skip a heartbeat by its view and taking a dip in it will sink all your worries with it.

  • Season to go on Bhrigu lake trek – Mid May to October
  • Duration – 4 Days

Chandrakhani Pass trek

It is located around 21kmhike from Manali. A very lavishing and scenic pass to trek on, located in Kullu valley. You’ll have to pass through remote areas and you’ll wonder to meet the different cultures and traditions of the people in Himachal Pradesh

Chandrakhani Pass trek
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Nature is divine and for a nature lover, this place could be another home, as the valley is decorated with dotted mountains which have their peaks covered with snow that shines along the sun rays. You’ll get the breathtaking views of Deo Tibba peak, Pir pandal & Parbati ranges of mountains.

  • Season to go on Chandrakhani trek – Mid June to Early October
  • Duration – 10 days.

Bara Bhangal trek

The most challenging trek of Manali, Himachal Pradesh. The trek includes dangerous moraines and thick glaciers.

The trekking takes you along the high low altitude mountain passes. Peaks like Indarasan, Deo Tibba & Hanuman Tibba makes the climbing worthy. The alpine terrain between the Kullu Valley and Dharamshala is one of the most amusing and less known regions of the Western Himalayas.

Bara Bhangal trek
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The Bara Bhangal path, crossing the Dhauladhar range to connect the Kullu and Kangra valleys, is the most challenging routes starting from the Kullu Valley.

  • Season to go on Bara Bhangal Trek – May to September
  • Duration – 12 days.


Summers – Min- ” 10° C to Max- 26° C”
Winters- Min- ” -15°C to Max- 12°C”

The best time for travel to Manali is late March until the mid of July (before the monsoon arrives), and September to October. From October onward, the Manali weather starts getting cold, and snow begins in December. The spring (late March to late April), when nature starts to come alive again after the winter, is a beautiful time to visit hence is a star in Himachal tourism destinations.

Things to carry while going trekking

  • A navigation gadget like a compass.
  • Extra clothing
  • Stamina booster drinks
  • First aid kit
  • Sunscreen and sun protecting things
  • Flashlight
  • Candle and matches
  • Toolkits
  • Knife
  • Extra food.

Things to keep in mind before going trekking

  • Make sure you’re fit enough to walk through the distance.
  • Choose a trek according to your stamina.
  • Do proper research before going toward the trek, it is a must.
  • Make a pre-planned schedule to do everything you wish to.
  • Make sure you have the trek within your budget.
  • Pack the things carefully.
  • Make sure you have a safety tool with you.
  • Be familiar with the surroundings before going anywhere.

Things to do on a Manali trip

  • Don’t come back home without taking a hot water bath at Manikaran.
  • Zorbing and Paragliding are a totally different adventure, don’t miss.
  • Rohtang pass is too beautiful to be skipped.
  • Old Manali famous tattoos will never let Manali out of you.
  • Trek to the peaks and shout your names out to make the whole Manali listen to you.
  • Enjoy every second of your journey.
  • Don’t forget to buy the Manali return gifts for the family.
  • Do the silliest, the craziest, the bravest, the unforgettable things and bring back a whole new whole new luggage and happiness.

Manali is a place where people can go for both, trips and adventures. Trekking is the most amazing part of Manali shouldn’t be missed. Today, You’re the youngest you’ll ever be. Live the youngest you, every day. Go trekking in Manali, its waiting.

Map of Manali 

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