Pakyong Sikkim’s First Airport

Pakyong Sikkim’s First Airport

A cherished place for the people who love greenery, mountains and peace, encircled by Pakyong plentiful of fields and cedar trees, terraced paddy ranges, and hills. The picture of floating spiritual displays the city emerging in lush greenery drives you to its simplicity and harmony. Being the principal source of agricultural revenue, the native species of chili,  ginger and dal Khorsani planted in the large area.

Pakyong a city lies in an eastern state of Sikkim, settled in the peaks of the Himalaya. Little town also a subdivision of the eastern district and several government departments. Pakyong a little village till Central Government passed the project Punj Lloyd of building a new Airport. A  school in the city named St. Xavier, one of Sikkim’s best schools in the 1990s. Amidst the alumni, the renowned Padma Shri awardee Baichung Bhutia a footballer.

“National Research Center Orchid”, (ICAR Institute) settled in the town. Not much information about the prehistoric town. Besides the presence of ancient bunkers of Britishers at the British Fort reflects that armed bunkers presence in the past.


Ethnic Nepalese who settled in this area during British rule included most of the population of Pakyong. Lepcha, the native inhabitants of the land, and Bhutia also constitute a large part of the population. Marwari not included in the native communities of this region, which the backbone of the business community and owns most stores people of Bihar state, engaged in different trades due to their talent, a good number of Bengali people involved in carpentry work, as in any other part of India. Also thanks to the school, the city attracted a metropolitan population with the spraying of people below the south as Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Nepali the most spoken language. English and Hindi spoke and recognized in maximum parts of the state. Other spoken languages imply Bhutia (Sikkim), Tibetan and Lepcha.

Local favorites such as Momo, Thukpa, Choumi, Gyyathuk, and Watton available in the smallest restaurants of Pakyong. Momo a popular snack, beef or pork filling, which served steam with soup. Traditionally, hills a very generous attitude towards drinks and in many local works such as marriage, alcohol plays an important role.

Pakyong Airport runway
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Sikkim’s First Airport

In 2009, the dream of making Sikkim’s airport after nine years after the foundation stone of Greenfield Airport, about 33 km away from Gangtok, come true.

Sikkim’s first airport, Pakyong Airport, 4500 feet above sea level, can be considered as a special airport because it connects with Sikkim, a very popular tourist destination for Indians as well as for the global travelers. However, what really makes it special that also the 100th airport in India, which means till September 24, 2018,100 airports in the country, of which at least 1 airport in 29 states. Pakyong Airport honored to be one of the highest airports in the country.

As a bonus point for flying to this wonderful state, as soon as you step out of the airport, you get the scent of orchids. Accepted in October 2008, Pakyong Airport a result of 10 years of hard work. Despite being stopped twice due to protests and construction difficulties, the airport completed at an estimated cost of 605 crores, which double than the initial budget of 309 crores. The results of the years of efforts given McKazizing one of the most amazing scenes from the airport to the Pakyong Airport.

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Pakyong Airport located in the Pickling village, 35 km south of Gangtok.  Apart from this there a National Research Center for Dickling Math and Orchid which creates a Bliss Stretch. The airport constructed in 990 acres area, which at an altitude of 4500 feet above sea level.  One of the five highest airports in India.


The flight service from Kolkata to Pakyong via Spice Jet starting from 8 October 2018 and starting from Guwahati to Pyong on October 16, 2018. Druck Air’s plan to start flights between Pakyong and Paro, Bhutan from January 1, 2019. More flights expected to join Sikkim. In other parts of the country through Pakyong Airport

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Pakyong Airport 30 meters wide and 1700 meters long runway, 116-meter long taxiway and 76-meter apron by A106. Which can accommodate two ATR 72 planes at one time. Moreover, The airport a terminal building with a capacity of 100 passengers.  A car park with 80 vehicles capacity and a fire station cum air traffic control tower.

Pakyong Airport runway
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Military flight operations

As the Pakyong airport about 60 km away from the Indo-China border, considered strategically important. Moreover,  reported that if the IAF, if necessary, can land some military aircraft on the site. Consequently, the Ministry of Home Affairs and civil aviation disputed which should be in charge of securing the airport. The Civil Aviation Ministry favors the use of local police. Therefore, the Home Ministry (MHA) supports the Central Industrial Security Force. Which handles airport security at 59 other airports across the country.

Pakyong Airport
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Map Of Pakyong