Mizoram Travelogue

The primeval Mizoram is the heaven to explore as it is a journey of unforgettable experiences and not just the place to visit. The localities share many things in common with locals in neighboring countries of Southeast Asia and religion with high predominance in Mizoram is Christianity. The culture in Mizoram is highly liberated from gender or caste.

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Culture of Mizoram

The colorful dress code, musical festivals, and bamboo dance are the cultural aspects that make Mizoram a must visit destination. The major communities of Tibeto-Burman communities comprise of Kuki tribal groups like Pawi, Lushai, Zou, Ralte, and Hmar. They prefer to be entitled as Mizo with the feeling of togetherness. The commonly used language amongst the tribes is Mizo Tawng. Kuki was used to address the Frontier Highlanders by Bengali people in the neighborhood plains.

Culture of Mizoram
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Environment at Mizoram

The largest forest coverage area in India and there are tropical forests all around the Mizoram. The major part of this state is shielded with bamboo forests and because of the dense forest, it was explored by British at the last. Mizoram is blissful as it is not only rich in scenic beauty but in biodiversity and natural resources as well.  This state has most of the wildlife sanctuaries and the forest is the midway for animals to migrate between hills and plains.

Environment of Mizoram
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Climate of Mizoram

Mizoram is situated below Tropic of Cancer so there is subtropical climate. The high altitudes aids in relishing the pleasant weather whole year. Due to heavy forest coverage, this place experience excess of rainfall starting from May till September. Days in winter are soothing but night are unbearably cold. The maximum temperature of Mizoram is 35degree Celsius and the minimum is 5degree Celsius.

The best time to reconnoiter Mizoram is October to April because at this time the sky is clear are the weather is pleasant.

Climate of Mizoram
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Festivals of Mizoram

Thalfavang Kut

The auspicious festival celebrated every year in November, to preserve cultural heritage and for promoting tourism. As cultivation is the major source of livelihood, this festival is celebrated by farmers at the waiting period for harvesting. This festival is celebrated to get in touch with tourist and make them known to the culture and tradition of the state and let them take pleasure in the lifestyle of Mizoram.

Thalfavang Kut
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Anthurium Festival

Horticulture department and Tourism department collaboratively organize this festival. The support in terms of finance is received from Central Government. The purpose of celebrating this festival is for promoting tourism by engaging their attention towards mesmerizing scenes; stimulating cultivation and for marketing of fascinating flowers.

The festival is celebrated in the peak season and is a three-day performance of dance, music, games, culture, handicrafts, local cuisine and much more. Riffle shooting, Angling, and Archery competition are the major highlights of this festive. It is held  Reiek Mountain that is located at an hour distance from Aizwal.

Khuado Hut

It is celebrated for thanksgiving when harvesting task has been done. Khua stands for darkness or nights, it also signifies village and also referred to the lord of Paite Zomis. Do refer to defending oneself. Khuado is constituted as an occasion where localities are the two terms that constitute as Khaudo at which villagers defeat bad spirits and get engaged in spiritualism. This is for god harvesting and well being and marks the consolidation of the mega feast with the involvement of the whole village and share meal all days during this festival.

Sightseeing in Mizoram

Tamdil Lake

The manmade lake for tourist attractions obliged as a natural scene. The name is translated in Mizo as Lake of Mustard, is an eye-captivating landscape with a peaceful environment. Tamdil Lake is situated between hills and forests of Mizoram at a distance of 100 km in the eastern side of Aizwal.

Tamdil Lake is best for busting the weariness of hectic schedules and a relief to be free of the crowd, in the arms of nature. It is an important source of earning for fisherman and tourist can enjoy boating to cherish the best time of their life.

Blue Mountain

The highest peak of Mizoram at the height of 2147 meters. It is said to be the dwelling of God and is considered that slopes are haunted by bad evils. The hiking on forested hills and mountains and it is suggested to accompany local guide for exploring the wilderness.

Blue Mountain
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Murlen National Park

It is home for hoolock gibbons who reside in dense forests of Mizoram. This national park is situated in the attractive district, Champhai. Tourist guide must be hired to assist to get through the forest that is difficult in terms of security and navigation.

Murlen National Park
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Salvation Army Temple

The bell chimes of this temple and soothing and appealingly complex that could be heard all around the city and on Sunday morning it is heard clearly. The picturesque view of the exteriors of the temple is inspired by Gothic.

KV Paradise

Khawlhring(K) splurged all his energy and saving in building three storey museum in the memory of his wife, Varte(V) who died in a car accident in the year 2001.  It is situated 8 km away from the city center. The magnificent sight of Aizwal can be experienced from marble fountain.

KV Paradise
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Shopping Expedition in Mizoram

The crowded market grabs the attention of the tourist population. The best things to buy from the Mizoram market are the handicrafts, craftsmen and weavers are artistic offering masterpieces. They are gifted with remarkable craftsmanship skills to produce quality products. Some of these arty are mentioned below:

Millenium Centre

The only shopping mall in Aizwal that makes it crowded and demanding. The huge multi-storey building with 300 shops and is a spot for spending leisure time with friends and family. You get every sort of articles ranging from electronic devices to apparels.

Bara Bazar

This place is considered the soul of Aizwal and is the largest and colorful market. This bazaar offers a wide range of products is it clothes, accessories or vegetables. Local people are commonly seen here in their traditional attire and appearance. Bara Bazar is usually crowded but on Saturdays, one can hardly find space to roam.

bara bazaar mizoram inditrip
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Delectable Dishes of Mizoram

Bamboo Fry

A mouth-watering dish for vegetarian people planning to visit Mizoram is Bamboo Shoot Fry. It is fried and tossed with herbs. The delicious dish is loved by all and is a mixture of mushrooms and many other vegetables.

Bamboo Fry
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Koat Pitha

A yummy dish prepared using bananas and rice flour. This dish is also cooked with fish and seem to be crispy from outside and is warm and soft from inside. The ideal snack time companion that tastes sweet because of banana.

Paanch Phoran Tarka

The popular dish in the cuisine of Mizoram and is cooked at many places. It is prepared in a non-vegetarian manner using chicken and in vegetarian fashion using potatoes, brinjal, and pumpkins. This dish justifies its name completely.


It is popular and a yummy dish of Mizoram prepared using local spices and herbs. The primary ingredients of this dish are steamed vegetables, pork and bamboo shoots. It is also consumed as a starter in the form of soup before having the main course.

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Facts and Figures About Mizoram

  • The name Mizoram constituted of Mi(individuals), Zo(hill station), and Ram(Land) and that signifies “land of hilly people”.
  • It is believed that Mizos that they have migrated from China around 300 years back.
  • Mizoram is highly literate about agriculture but they face poor crop harvesting or shifting cultivation.
  • Palak Lake is the biggest lake, covering 30 hectares or 74 acres.
  • Mizoram has rich diversity in flora and fauna, around 650 species of birds are identified in Mizoram.
  • Pine forests, tropical evergreen forests, broadleaved hill, tropical moist are some of the vegetation types in Mizoram.
  • Mizoram has a population of about 11.2 lakhs and has the highest number of protected tribal groups in India.
  • Wildlife sanctuaries in Mizoram

    • Dampa Tiger Reserve
    • Phawngpui Blue National Park
    • Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Murlen National Park
  • Dance forms
    • Chheih Lam
    • Khuallam
    • Cheraw
  • Rivers
    • Tutis
    • Tlawng
    • Tuirial
    • Chimtuipui
  • Cultural festivals
    • Chapchar Kut
    • Pawl Kut
    • Mim Kut

Facts About Government of Mizoram

  • Capital- Aizwal
  • Chief Minister- Pu Lalthanhawla
  • Governor- KK Paul

 Facts About state symbols

  • Formation date- 20th Feb 1987
  • Languages- Mizo, English, Hindi
  • Neighboring states- Manipur, Tripura, Assam
  • State Bird- Mrs. Hume’s Pheasant
  • Tree- Iron Wood
  • State Animal- Hillock Gibbon
  • Flower- Thar Senhri
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How to Reach

By Air

The only airport connectivity nearby Aizwal and connected to Guwahati, Imphal, and Kolkata by airport services. One can reach Mizoram from Kolkata thru Silchar Airport that is at a distance of 200 km from Aizwal.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Silchar from Aizwal in Assam. Guwahati is well connected by railway as there are many trains to reach Aizwal and takes about 19 hours.

By Road

Mizoram has good road connectivity as it is linked to al metropolitan cities and villages. Shillong and Silchar are connected via NH-54 and NH-150 to Mizoram and NH-40 A connects Mizoram to Tripura.

The distance between Aizwal to Imphal is about 370 km, Agartala is 440km, Guwahati is 506km and Kohima is about 479km.

Beauty of Mizoram
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Map of Mizoram