Assam Tour- Memorable Trip of Life

The offbeat tourists’ spot, zealous tradition, soothing beauty, the sacred river, pious environment, boasts endless enthralling secrets. Assam is one amongst the seven sisters of Northeast India, has a rich culture, beautiful nature and great history. Assam offers homage to wildlife reserves, where one-horned rhino resides that is claimed to the well-known mascots of Assam Tourism.

A treasure stash of diverse history and natural beauty, it is least explored area that offers untouched aura that allure the tourists. A breath-taking land of mighty rivers, stretches of tea plantation, and wild forests. It is ranked top in the list of biodiversity spots in the world. This state is sharing international boundaries with Bhutan and Bangladesh and showcase its eye captivating scenic beauty and rich culture. Assam is amongst the beautiful spots of India that is an unexploited and enchanting gateway to a northeastern part of India. This state is a paradise for tourists with splendid hills, Brahmaputra River, rich wildlife and diverse flora & fauna.

Culture of Assam

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The culture of Assam is a combination of diverse traditions, various tribes contribute a cultural identity to the state. Assam has the vast number of tribal groups in India, dance, music, festivals and social life is closely interlinked. Assam’s diverse culture depicts in different festivals celebrated, despite variation and diversity. People here are peaceful and live in harmony with one another that is a unique attribute of Assam.

Traditional Dress

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The Asamese dress up is quite decent and handmade. The women dress up in Mekhela Chador and men wear up dhoti or Suria and drape around a Seleng. Gamosa is a crucial aspect in ceremonies of socio-religious in Assam. It is derived from the word ‘Gaamasa’ that is used to cover up the Bhagavad Gita that is considered a process of purification.  A rectangular white cloth piece with woven motifs on one side and red border on other three sides. Men in Assam wear gamosa dhoti as it is a traditional dress and Bihu dancers fold it on their head.


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The traditional handicrafts like jewelry making, terracotta work, pottery, cane, silk weaving, and the making of musical instruments, woodcraft, bamboo craft, and brass craft are the source of earning for Assamese.

The most ancient practice that women take pride in weaving occupation. Gandhiji praised the art of Assamese as they can even weave their dreams and imagination in looms. Cotton exclusive garments are designed in attractive color combinations.

Traditional Dance

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Devdasi, Satriya, and Ojapali are traditional dance forms of Assam. Lead dancer or Oja narrates the mythical story with the perfect blend of acting and dance. There are three forms- Ramayani that depicts the Ramayana in Assamese version, Biyah-Gowa presents stories of Mahabharata with use of feet in rhythm. Satriya is a dance form that is performed in the temple by an unmarried woman who has offered their life to the chief deity.

Bodos dance is related to the festival of Kherai Puja where Bagurumba dance form is well-known. Other dance forms in absence of Jhumur is incomplete, Adivasis perform it in synchronization with sounds of flute and drums.

Traditional Jewellery

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Artistically designed jewelry depicts the flora and fauna of Assam. Assamese wear uniquely and attractively styled ornaments of silver and gold. The decent look of jewelry is enhanced with mina and ruby on it. The traditional jewelry worn by women are Kharu, Keyur, Aargathi, Keru, and Nalak wherein the jewelry worn by men are Matamoni, Lokaparo, Biri, Magardana.

Climate of Assam

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Assam undergoes winters from November till March and that is the best time to visit Assam because it’s dry during these months. The night on peak winter days is chilling cold. By the time of April season changes to spring till May at that time, the climate is hot. The summer season lasts till September and Assam experiences heavy rainfall in July- September. The month of October and mid-November have pleasant days and nights with occasional rainfall.

Best Time to Visit Assam

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Summer season is the best time to visit Assam during the months of April to June as these months are refreshing and pleasant for traveling. It is an ideal time for wildlife safari and hill stations.

Winter season is the time for romantic vacations, one can visit Assam in the months of October to March. Tourists visiting Assam at this time can enjoy Bihu festival and the chilling weather.

Assam is prone to relentless rain because it is situated on Brahmaputra Valley so during July to September, visit Assam should be evaded.

Festivals of Assam

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The rich colorful and cultural heritage of Assam depicts varied types of festivals that are celebrated on this beautiful land. The astounding festivals celebrated in Assam are colorful, vibrant, entertaining and are a remarkable experience. Check out the exclusive list of magnificent festivals of Assam.

Ambubachi Festival

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This festival is organized in the temple of Kamakhya Devi located in Guwahati. It is a four days festivals organized in the season of monsoon. This festival carries out the Tantric culture that is practiced in most of the areas of Assam. This unique festival is enjoyed by the tourists along with the fairs set up near the temple. The town is adorned beautifully that attract locals and visitors to enjoy the festival.

Tea Festival

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Assam declared as the second worldwide producer of tea and this festival is celebrated to glorify the tasteful and authentic tea production. Assam produces the finest tea ranging from green tea, white tea and black tea as well as wide and thin leaf tea. Tea Capital, Jorhat lead the ceremony of festivals with growth, farming of tea plants in Assam. It is a 3 days festival with a permit to taste tea leaves and visit splendid tea gardens.

Bihu Festival

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The festival of vibrant celebrations and marks the commencement of the farming season. Bihu is the festival that brings together everyone in Assam, regardless of religion, creed, race, or gender. Assamese hold their faith in God Brai Shibrai, well known by locals as Father Shibrai. The first crop is offered as a gratitude to the God for their good wishes. Bihu is celebrated in the month of April and is a month-long festival and is the time when Assam is filled bundle of joy. Dance, vibrant clothes, bonfire feasts, Buffalo fights, jewelry exhibition, traditional folklores are all integral part of Bihu festival and Assam Tourism Department take care of all this in order to allure tourists.

Ras Lila

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Ras Lila is a three-day long festival that depicts the life of Lord Krishna. Assamese be a part of the play, leading the role and recite chants and characters’ voice. The tourist takes great interest in understanding the rich culture of Assam. It is celebrated in the mid-November and attracts tourism.

Sightseeing in Assam

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Assam is blessed by Mother Nature as it is filled with eye-captivating views of land and nature and surrounded by serenity. The breathtaking terrains, alluring tea garden, fascinating greenery, and dense forests and lot more mesmerize excursionists.

Chitralekha Udyan

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The alluring tourist spot, Chitralekha Udyan is situated in the “The Town of Blood”- Tezpur and is the “Ethnic Capital of Assam”. It was established in the year 1906 and later in the year 1996, it was beautified.  Excursionists cherish the water spots, they can enjoy the serenity by using the peaceful walkway. A picturesque park, known as Cole Park was later retitled as Chitralekha Udyan.


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Haflong is a headquarter of adoring Dima Hasao famous as “Switzerland of the East” because of the valleys and hills that are garlanding entire area. Haflong stands for Anthill- “White Ant Hillock” and is a Dimasa word. The outstanding tourist spot for nature lovers and campers as this place offer the enchanting beauty of massive mountains and lively hills. The lush green hills surrounding the town that seeks craving amongst globetrotters to explore the beauty.

Umananda Temple

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The heaving temple of Assam, situated in between Kachari Ghat, Guwahati and Peacock Island, the Brahmaputra that adds on the beauty of the place. King Gadadhar Singha was the founder of Umananda Temple for Lord Shiva.

The vibrant festivals of Maha Shivaratri and Shiva Chaturdasi are celebrated with complete devotion and on large scale. It fascinates innumerable devotees annually on these days.

Majuli Island

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It is lifetime cherishing moment to spectator India’s longest river island. The island is situated in Brahmaputra River. This spot is the perfect mix of spiritualism and eco-tourism. It is the rich heritage of Neo-Vashnavite culture of Assam. The eye-captivating and enchanting beauty of rendezvous of Kherkutia Xuti and Brahmaputra River with Subansiri River is a wondrous spot for nature lovers.

Kaziranga National Park

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The sole aim of life is to visit the Kaziranga National Park for adventure seekers. The dense forest of Kaziranga Park covers the vast area of around 430 sq. km and is home of one-horned rhinoceros, grey-headed eagles, herons, Bengal florican, barasingha, and many more. The perfect time to reconnoiter Kaziranga National Park from November to March.

Shopping Places in Assam

Pan Bazaar

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The spot considered as the final destination for the ones’ who live in the world of books. Numerous shops for novels, literature, biographies and other books. Readers spend hours here and lost in books.

This market also offers Assamese clothes, silk, and woven fabrics. Nehru Park is situated nearby that disconnects you from hustle and bustle of this crowded market.

Tourists Tip: Get best deals on products by bargaining.

GS Road

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Restaurants, home décor, Clothing, Electronics, and Footwear- this market is a hub for everything you wish to buy. This central area offers numerous international brands like Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Westside, The Hub, Reliance Trends and many more, fulfilling all your needs.

Tourist Tip: This market is perfect for fashionable apparels and big brands.

Fancy Bazaar

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The populous market and the best place for shopping freaks. This market meet up to every need ranging from apparels to electronics to artifacts to furniture to jewelry. It is the perfect place for a foodie as you can find delectable food shops.

Tourist Tip: Must visit JB’s restaurant if you are starving after shopping.

Famous food of Assam

Aloo Pitika

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A side dish served with dal and rice, it is a simple and preferred dish amongst Assamese. Aloo Pitika can be eaten in lunch as well as dinner. It is prepared in mustard oil with onion, and coriander and offers the truest sense to the soul. The Assamese recipe of mashed potato is undoubted flavorsome and easy to make.

Duck Meat Curry

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The delectable food of Assam prepared with lauki(Ash Gourd) and is a must dish on special events. The spices offer an impeccable flavor to the dish that offers a heavenly taste to the dish. Lentil, Pumpkin, Sesame and many more can be cooked with curry and further modified as per the taste of the individual.


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It is a popular evening or breakfast snack accompanied by tea. Sweet, fried, savoury, cooked, steamed, it is available in wide choices and prepared with unique techniques. A dish that requires perfection as it is a technical dish of Assam to get the desired dish.

Masor Tenga

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A refreshing and mouth-watering dish from the cuisine of Assamese. It is cooked slowly with tomato, lemon, and outenga. The tangy and sour taste of this dish makes it delectable.

Facts and Figures About Assam

  • Assam is amongst the seven sisters’ states surrounded by other 7 states- West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura, and Meghalaya.
  • This state took part in many of the freedom movements with complete enthusiasm.
  • In 1825, Assam was established as the ruling area of British Government.
  • This state is famous as “land of blue hills and Red River”.
  • It is considered that Mother Nature has showered her endless blessings on Assam.
  • Assam is well-known for Golden silk- Muga and for oldest resources of petroleum.

Facts About Government of Assam

  • Governor– Jagdish Mukhi
  • Chief Minister– Sarbananda Sonowal
  • Capital– Dispur
  • Chief Justice– Ajit Singh

Facts About State Symbols

  • State Anthem– O Mur Apunar Dex
  • Rivers– Manas, Brahmaputra, Sonai, Subansiri
  • Languages– Bodo, Bengali, Assamese, Karbi
  • Neighborhood states– Tripura, Nagaland, Manipur, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, and Meghalaya
  • State Flower– Rhynchostylis retusa
  • State Bird– White-winged Duck
  • State Animal– Gor

Famous Places to Visit

  • Umananda Temple
  • Majuli
  • Assam Botanical Garden cum Zoo
  • Kamakhya Temple
  • Agnigarh
  • Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra

National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries

  • Sonitpur- Bura Chapori Sanctuary
  • Sonitpur- Sonai Rupai Sanctuary
  • Kopou phul
  • Marigaon- Pobitora Sanctuary
  • Darrang- Bornadi Sanctuary
  • Kaziranga National Park
  • Rajiv Gandhi National Park
  • Nameri National Park
  • Manas National Park

How to Reach

By Air

It is well associated with metropolitan cities via private airlines or national carriers. Guwahati’s airport- Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi is nearest airport is 25km far from the city.

By Train

Assam is the easy trip to be planned because of the ease of railway services from Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Trivandrum, and Cochin to the Assam’s railway hub i.e. Guwahati.

By Road

Highways are smooth that makes the journey to Assam quite easy via road. It is a comfortable trip to Assam via bus without any pain or jerk.

Map of Assam