Most famous hill station of Tripura

Most famous hill station of Tripura


Tripura is well known for its diversity in culture, handicrafts, archeology, and music. It is the third smallest state in India.19 indigenous tribes live here and also few nontribal who speak Bengali. Forests majorly cover more than a half of this place where bamboo and cane are very commonly found. Tripura has the most noteworthy number of primate species than other Indian states. Carvings of rock cut and stone pictures at Unakoti, Debtamura and Pilak influence Tripura to emerge as a great tourist attraction in the northeastern states. Among the attractions of Tripura, Jampui hills are the famous tourist destination and the only hill station.

Tripura Tourism
Tripura Tourism


  • There is a brilliant assorted society in Tripura.
  • The larger part of populace anyway is the Bengali so the culture is also dominated with Bengalis.
  • Their way of life has impacted the land since the season of the Tripuri rulers who were incredible supporters of Bengali culture, particularly writing the Bengali language was performed formally.
  • Talking about the culture of Tripura you cannot miss the dance and music pertaining to their own community. Goria and Jhum dances are widely practiced on special and grand occasions.
  • Hand-loom is widely polished and is unconventional for their even and vertical stripes scattered with beautiful weaving.
  • The general population are likewise amazingly talented in bamboo and stick crafted works making things, for example, furniture, utensils, hand-held fans, copies, mats, bins, icons, and adornments.
Traditional dance of Tripura
Traditional dance of Tripura

Jampui Hills

  • Roosting at an elevation of 3000 ft above sea level Jampui hills are the highest range in Tripura.
  • Standing on the different viewpoints of the place you can enjoy the vast panoramic view of the valleys and also villages of Mizoram.
  • Various points to witness sunrises and sunsets all over catch the attention of tourists and offer them spectacular views that they would take back home with them.
  • From the watchtower at Betlingchip (3200 ft high), the Chittagong Hill Tracts, the Kanchanpur – Dasda valley other hilly areas of Tripura and Mizoram unfurl the beauty of Tripura and also Mizoram.
  • It is a tourist heaven which draws in various tourists with its virgin woods and Eco-friendly climate involving excellent orchids and cultural dances and music.
Panoramic view of Jampui hills
Panoramic view of Jampui hills
  • Jampui hills draw tourists because of its amazing weather, rich scenes, thriving woodlands and orange gardens.
  • Being inadequately populated makes it perfect tourism spot as the tourist can enjoy it to an extent. .
  • The tribes residing there have a primary occupation of orange gardening.
  • Different types of blooms, orchids are abundant in the hills.
Orange festival at Tripura
Orange festival at Tripura

How to reach

  • By road: Teliamura is 44 kms and Manu is 109 kms away from Agartala and are well connected by roads.
  • By train: Kumarghat is the nearest railway station from Agartala city center.
  • By air: Capital of state, Agartala has an airport that is a relief for tourist to reach this fascinating place.


Map of Jampui Hills