Coorg – The Scotland of India.

Coorg – The Scotland of India.


You love coffee?

If yes, then make sure you go to this coffee producing hill station. Situated in the midst of forcing mountains in Karnataka with an unendingly cloudy scene, Coorg is the place to be for all nature sweethearts. This well known espresso delivering slope station isn’t mainstream for its delightful green slopes and the streams slicing directly through them. It likewise remains as a prominent goal in view of its way of life and individuals. The Kodavas, a nearby tribe spend significant time in hand to hand fighting, are particularly striking for their sharp friendliness.

Hills Of Coorg

Officially known as Kodagu, Coorg is a precious hill station of Karnataka. The lavishing greenery would make you stare the place without any blink. Madikeri is the district’s inside point with all transportation for getting around beginning from here. To make your visit even more convincing, they’ve homestays made for tourists in towns like Virajpet, Kushalnagar, Gonikoppal, Pollibetta, and Somwarpet.

Weather In Coorg

Misty Coorg roads.


Winter begins in Coorg in December and lasts till February. The minimum temperature of this beautiful hill station remains above of 13°C. The climate remains quite cool and pleasant. This season also attracts a good number of tourists. This is the best time to visit Coorg and enjoy a memorable vacation here.


The locale respects the storm season in the months from June to September. Overwhelming precipitation happens amid this season particularly in the long stretch of June. To grasp the enchantment of rain and scent of the slope station, various guests from various parts of the world love to visit Coorg.


The summer season in this magnificent hill station begins in the month of March and lasts till May. Though, during summers the temperature is a little on the warmer side but the maximum temperature does remains under 34°C.

Best season of Coorg

Coorg appreciates direct and charming atmosphere consistently over the year and has normally radiant grand environment.


Places to visit in Coorg

Raja’s Seat

Sunset at Raja’s seat.
  • The Raja’s Seat has been based on a raised ground supervising the valleys that deceive the west.
  • Early mornings are generally foggy and cool, yet as the sun rises, the fog clears gradually offering a mind-mixing perspective of the lavish green patio nurseries embellished with beautiful occasional blooms beds.
  • The night falls are similarly mind blowing as the day gradually closes with the Sun setting in the mountains.
  • There is additionally a Toy Train accessible for your little ones to take a ride on and the wellsprings have been changed into melodic wellsprings. Today, this place is overseen by the Archeological Survey of India and is considered of chronicled significance in the nation.

Tadiandamol Peak

Tadiandamol Peak.


  • Tadiandamol is the most astounding mountain top in Coorg, at a rise of 1748m.
  • Most visitors inspired by trekking are attracted to this place as the adventure is troublesome, however the view from the best, unparalleled.
  • While being the second most astounding top in all of Karnataka, Tadiandamol trek is likewise a decent alternative for nature darlings who want grand environment and are learners in the trekking scene.

Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls
  • Nunnery Falls, otherwise called Abbi Falls, is situated around 10 kilometers from the town of Madikeri and is a standout amongst the most famous vacation destinations in and around Coorg.
  • The dilute course originating from the precipice from a tallness of 70 feet gives an astounding scene to see. Settled inside the lavish greenery which is ordinary to the views of Western Ghats, the cascades draw in a huge number of individuals during the time – particularly nature sweethearts and picture takers.
  • The cascade is situated between private espresso ranches with stocky espresso shrubberies and flavor homes with trees laced with pepper vines.
  • There is an over-connect that hangs inverse of the falls, from where the most pleasant scene of white froths spouting down the edge can be seen, caught and recalled.
  • The stream of the falls leaves a lot of water splash on the individuals who remain on the extension for quite a while.


The slope of Talacauvery
  • Talacauvery is the wellspring of the waterway Kaveri, situated on the Brahmagiri slope (not to be mistaken for the Brahmagiri extend encourage south) close Bhagamandala in Kodagu area, Karnataka.
  • It is situated at 1,276 m. above ocean level. Kodavas have raised a tank which is currently considered as its cause.
  • It is trusted that the River starts as a spring nourishing a tank or a Kundike and after that streams underground to re-rise as Kaveri some separation away.
  • The tank is set apart by a sanctuary and showering in it on exceptional events is viewed as blessed.
  • A lofty move with 407 stages takes one to a slope which gives you a perspective of the encompassing mountain ranges. While climbing the slope, one feels consistently nearer to the mists. The saying, “mind in another place” turns out to be truly valid.
  • Indeed, even subsequent to being at elevation, one can in any case hear the music of the sanctuary ringers.

Golden Temple (Namdroling Monastery)

The golden temple of Coorg.
  • The full name of  Namdroling Monastery is Thegchog Namdrol Shedrub Daryeling. It is spread over a territory of 80 square feet and was worked from Bamboo which was given by the Indian Government to the Tibetans in a state of banishment.
  • Today, it houses numerous assistant structures like instructive establishments and a doctor’s facility, notwithstanding being home to around 5,000 individuals from the Sangha people group. Buddha celebration is the significant celebration of the Buddhas.
  • According to the Tibetan logbook, June is an exceptional month for training for the priests as the illumination of Buddha occurred on the fifteenth day of June and is known as Saga Dawa Dhuechen.

Honnamana Kere Lake

The beautiful lake.
  • The greatest lake in Coorg, this one has profound and in addition chronicled noteworthiness. Named after Goddess Honnamana, contiguous this lake is a sanctuary committed to the goddess.
  • The lake is encompassed by slopes, espresso manors and man made holes.


Time to Visit Coorg

With the temperature going between 15 degree Celcius and 20 degree Celcius consistently, Coorg is multi year-round goal. All things considered, October to March is the best time for enterprise exercises particularly trekking. Walk and April are the favored a very long time to encounter the valley covered in white blooms.

How to reach

  • By Air

    Mangalore Doemstic Airport which is around 160 kilometers away is the closest airport.  The nearest international airport is 265 kilometers away, which is Bengaluru’s airport.

  • By Train

    The nearest railway station is in Mysore, about 95kms away.

  • By Road

    That’s a self experience. Once you reach Bengaluru, you get to travel to Coorg in about 5 hours.

Top 5 Hotels To Stay In Coorg

  • Hotel Madikeri Heritage
  • Hotel Coorg International
  • Club Mahindra Madikeri Coorg
  • Coorg Jungle Camp
  • Heritage Resort


Read The Amazing Things About Coorg

While making a trip to some place new, you have to know the DNA of the place. Is it safe to say that it isn’t? So here are a portion of the best realities that will enable you to become acquainted with the place better.


  • Coorg is set in the lovely Western Ghats at a height of 1425 meters which clarifies its lavish green and undying excellence all as the year progressed.
  • Otherwise called Kodagu, Coorg has a land zone that is four times bigger than Hong Kong and seven times bigger than Singapore. In any case, the vast majority of its region is secured by tall trees that are required for espresso shrubbery.
  • It is one of the most elevated makers of espresso in the nation that is known for its blue shading, clean beans and fine liquoring characteristics which makes it a hit among the universal markets.
  • However, it has its very own transport station, the closest air terminal and railroad stations are in Mangalore.
  • It’s desirable over wear cotton garments in summer and light woolen garments in winter as it’s never excessively sweltering or icy here.
  • Its history imparts profound connects to the British Raj as they were essentially a piece of the espresso manor, Coorg’s pilgrim structures and a well constructed street organize.
  • The best time to visit Coorg is from October to May. The summers here are from March to May took after by the storms from June to September and after that winters from December to February.
  • The most appealing touring spots in Coorg are the Madikeri, Omkareshwara Temple, Cauvery Nisargadhama , Bhagamandala and Telecauvery Wildlife Sanctuary et cetera.

So, do pack your bags and make this place as your net destination. 

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