Itanagar a delightful city

Itanagar a delightful city


Itanagar a delightful city, situated in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. This city entices natural surroundings lovers as people can view picturesque magnificence all around. Set at the slopes of the splendid Himalayas and a pleasing atmosphere all over the year. This magnificent city renowned as the Land of Dawn-lit Mountains. The best time to visit Itanagar October to March. On 20th April 1974, Itanagar became the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. The city recognized as Mayapur earlier the capital of Jitri dynasty. The main reflection of this city which you can also find in the items available in the markets Tibetan culture.  Ita Fort, The Buddhist Temple, Ganga Lake (Gaker Sinyi), Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum are the picture-perfect destinations you can travel to.

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Nature lovers may stopover to various tea gardens, farms and apple plantations in this city. Marketplaces of the town are packed with numerous kinds of stuff that consist of Tibetan Buddhist paintings, things of cane and bamboo and many more. This colorful hill station home to tropical evergreen rain forests. People can also pursue various adventurous activities in this city from which trekking the best option. During winters people can also enjoy snowfall.


The greatest populace of the city involves different clans, Nyishi clan being the most. They are otherwise called Nishis or Nishings. Individuals here are devoted to Buddhism. Occupants of Itanagar are energetic and are in a bubbly disposition consistently. Nyokum one of the vital celebrations of Nyishi clans. Losar praised by another gathering of a clan known as Monpas. the festival of New Year. Individuals offer supplications, lift religious banners and read Buddhist sacred texts. It proceeds for five days. Reh another critical celebration celebrated by Idu Mishimis which set apart by minister move. Tamladu commended by Digaru Mishimis. Different celebrations incorporate Khan, Sangken and Mopin. Itanagar likewise houses numerous famous instructive establishments of the state.

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The area after the opportunity in the past went under clash with the China Government. The People’s Republic of China hesitant to surrender Tibet and in this way escalating the contrasts between the two nations. In the year 1954, the North-East Frontier Agency (NEFA) shaped and the issue faded away incidentally. Following 10 years, the issue again excited by the People’s Republic of China, and as result, the Sino-Indian War of 1962 occurred. The reason for the war as yet obscure yet, be that as it may, this helped the Chinese to catch most parts of Arunachal Pradesh. Then again, India halted all exchange exercises with Tibet. In the year 1972 Arunachal Pradesh turned into an association region. The Government of India in the year 1987 recognized Arunachal Pradesh as another province of Independent India.

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Arunachal Pradesh being noticed in the Kalika Purana and in the sagas of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Trusted that savvy Vyas pondered here. Itanagar considered Mayapur amid the rule of the Jiti Dynasty that administered the district in the eleventh century. Notwithstanding amid the rule of the Jiti rulers, Mayapur the capital city. The brilliant Ita Fort, going back to the fourteenth-fifteenth century, accepted to have been worked by King Ramachandra.

Places to Explore

Itanagar a majestically beautiful hill station. One can easily be awed by the magnetism of exquisiteness of evergreen rain forests adjoining Himalayan jungles. On one peak a residence of the governor and on another peak, a new Buddhist temple. The hills occupied by the shops, open market, ancient huts, and new governmental buildings.

Ganga Lake

The delighted nature has offered its excellence on the tranquil feeling of Ganga Lake, situated at 6 km from Itanagar. The primitive area of rich green woodland with Himalayan trees and orchids, huge mountains and clear water body will fill your heart with a dash of peace. An ideal place to get a few previews, would it say it isn’t? Or then again in the event that you like you can go for a sailing in the lake.

ganga lake
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A peaceful and quiet lake embraced by hard rock. Gekar Sinyi in Nyishi lingo implies restrained water.  A rocky environment has made it a mainstream outing spot. Accessibility of boating, swimming pool and natural lakes in the encompassing zones has made it a magnetism to the visitors. This peaceful and normal lake settled at the lower regions of the Himalayas and houses plentiful greenery. This crisp water lake settles remarkable tree greeneries. The lake pulls in visitors around the globe for different reasons. The water stays green all through as its far from any streaming water body. Aside from the lake’s hypnotizing characteristic magnificence, some legendary accounts are found out about it and its greenish shading.

Namdapha National Park

Namdapha National Park proclaimed as Tiger Reserve and India’s biggest national stop. It ranges from 200 meters to 4500 meters in the shadow of the Himalayan area, with a wide assortment of wild creatures including tiger, panther, Himalayan mountain bear, deer and some more. Alongside the green excellence of various sort of trees, the recreation center offers testing exercises too to appreciate.

Namdapha National Park
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Among the feathered creature sorts, most extreme recognized are the White-winged Wood Ducks, an extraordinary and uncommon species, the considerable Indian hornbills, wilderness fowls, and birds slump their stunning path through the wilderness, and which harbors other bright fledgling and creature species. The singularity of a larger piece of the recreation center has kept the timberlands in their unblemished and virgin state in its characteristic frame. Besides, the recreation center holds an incalculable decent variety of greenery. The rich green under developments are thick and tangled like patterns sticks, bamboos, wild bananas and variety of vegetation The extravagance of the wet tropical rain woodland rearing ground for assortments of creatures and winged creatures which surprising and worth seeing.

Ita Fort

The superb feeling of design in the general population around the territory of Arunachal Pradesh reflects in the vestiges of Ita Fort, which stands today with not very many blocks dividers. Established in 14 century, the name of the fortification really implies the ‘Fortress of Bricks’. Taking a gander at the image of the post can debilitate you to remove its name of the rundown of touring places in Itanagar. Be that as it may, when you achieve the fortress, roosted on a sloping top, the perspective of the encompassing valley will make you drop your jaws.

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The fortification worked of blocks and stone. The blocks are of a variety of sizes, including the elaborate blocks. As the matter of fact, the stones utilized basically sandstone. The blocks of the stronghold are ordinarily medieval and pre-Ahom period also. The fortress has a place with the classification of the timberland slope post and has a prolonged semi-round shape, as recommended by the engineering writings made reference to above. However, the remaining parts of Itafort undoubtedly give us a thought of the improvement of fortification design in this piece of the nation.

Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum

On the off chance that you need to visit a place that jam the history and culture of the area, this historical center the correct place for you. The claim to fame of this place the area for archaic exploration one can see some phenomenal gathering of classical pieces. But those, one can visit in the segments of woodcarvings, melodic instrument and the library with a few books.

Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum
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The general direction and supervision of the late Dr. Verrier Elwin foundation of historical centers in Arunachal Pradesh for safeguarding and advancement of the material culture of the general population were provoked by the directing standards and rationality recently Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru the then Prime Minister of India.

Indira Gandhi Park

Need to dispose of the group and spend some snapshot of tranquility in the lap of nature? Indira Gandhi Park an endowment of the pleasant nature. Inside the truly amazing magnificence of wide scene and unbelievable perspectives of Itanagar, this stops a cherry on the best. Lovely plants and trees make a rich green environment that frequents you to spend some snapshot of your occasions with your family or companions, or even without anyone else’s input.

indira gandhi national park
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A decent place to unwind, exercise and practice yoga, Indira Gandhi Park in Itanagar among the best attractions in the city. The garden embellished with plants and trees and has perfectly drawn lush zones and ways that are perfect to invest some quiet energy. The place perfect for sorting out a barbecue, jogging, roaming or basically lazing around. Now and again numerous administration occasions occur here alongside fairs and fests.

Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary

Nature lover must visit this place that nature cheered with valleys, slopes, stream and dark green wilderness which protect a huge number of creatures, winged animals and trees. Covering a region of around 140 sq km, this woods gives preferred chances to the watch diverse creatures as they can see around 400 types of various flying creatures here. Other than fowls, you can motivate opportunity to see langur, Himalayan mountain bear, pronghorns, porcupines, and such numerous more creatures.

Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary one of the eight havens of Arunachal Pradesh. Situated in Papum Pare locale, the haven covers 140.30 sq km. differing climatic and land conditions offer a route to an assortment of greenery. In the lap of nature, unending plants and creatures have added excellence to the asylum. Human populace by the outskirt of the haven has been invested with the duty to ration and secure the untamed life. Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary is before known as Itanagar Reserve Forest with Pachin River in the south, Neorochi in the north-east, Pam River in the east and Chingke stream in the north. Thickly populated with natural life, the haven houses sambar, elephant herbs, yelping deer, brew, tiger and pumas.

Craft Center and Emporium

With an excellent gathering of ancient rarities from neighborhood items from stick and bamboo, divider works of art, Craft Center and Emporium in Itanagar the right place to appreciate the way of life of the neighborhood. However, one can get the opportunity to see here the ordinary ensembles of the land with the use of normal vegetables and natural color yarns.

Craft Center and Emporium itanagar
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Specialty Center and Emporium an intriguing appreciation for a visit to Itanagar. This place rejoiced for featuring the rich culture of Arunachal Pradesh and amid your visit to the capital city, you will be deceived by this place encountering the one of a kind collection of nearby ancient rarities. Art Center and Emporium are continually gathered with visitors and this prevalent vacation spot stacked with extraordinary accumulations, for example, customary stick and bamboo items, divider compositions delineating old neighborhood stories and a one of a kind gathering of nearby popular composites produced using common vegetables and natural color yarns. Specialty Center and Emporium an unquestionable requirement visit shopping goal in the event that you are searching for some keepsakes to check your visit to this piece of India.


Various celebrations are praised in this capital city of Arunachal Pradesh. Losar the New Year festivity of the Monpas. Praised for a time of five days. The celebration set apart by petitions, raising of religious banners on the homes, perusing of Buddhist sacred texts, and lighting margarine lights in the houses. Another essential celebration Reh, or, in other words with the Idu Mishimis. Besides, the uncommon fascination of the six-day festivities is fascinating . Amid Tamladu, the Digaru Mishimis offer petitions to the God of the Earth and the God of the Water.

tamladu festival
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Moreover, the preeminent God Jebmalu likewise loved. Khan noteworthy due to a service where the cleric ties a bit of fleece around everyone’s neck. Amid Sangken, individuals sprinkle water on one another as an indication of cheerfulness, while spreading of rice powder on one another’s face denotes the start of the five-day festivities of Mopin.


However, eating Out in Itanagar an extraordinary background to eat with the clans. There are different varieties of veggie lover and non-vegan sustenance things selective to Itanagar. Popular snacks in Itanagar are Boiled Rice cakes which are wrapped with palatable takes off. Staple nourishments, for example, Rice and Foods with meat and green vegetables give an alternate taste. Most importantly, all around favored vegetable Lettuce and it as every now and again furnished with ginger, coriander and green chilies. Rice brew a famously mixed refreshment in Itanagar. Hence, this rice lager set up from various assortments of rice.


The atmosphere of Itanagar sub-tropical in nature. The summers are scorching and sticky and face substantial precipitation amid the rainstorm season the winters in this district are exceptionally cool and dry. However, The base temperature of the district 5° C and most extreme 30° C. The summers in Itanagar begins from the period of April till June and the normal Temperature 25°C. The Monsoon here begins from the month July till September. Itanagar encounters a normal yearly precipitation of 2289 mm. Particularly, The winters start from the period of November. The winter temperature 9.4ºC

How to reach

The capital of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar a famous vacationer goal. This must-visit put has a rich blend of archeological locales of awesome authentic esteem, exhibition hall, and Wildlife. What’s more, getting to this goal is open from all significant upper east urban communities by means of roadways as its principle methods for transport. Be that as it may, we have set out its significant methods for transport beneath on most ideal approach to achieve Itanagar.

By  Air

Lilabari air terminal in North Lakhimpur the closest airplane terminal to the Itanagar at a separation of around 57 kilometers. Moreover, Lilabari air terminal gets local Air India flights from Kolkata and Guwahati.

By Rail

Harmuti railroad station in Assam and Naharlagun rail line station in Arunachal Pradesh are the nearest rail line to achieve Itanagar, each at a separation of 34 kilometers and 15 kilometers individually. However, Naharlagun railroad station being another expansion to Indian railroad has two rails hurrying to and from like New Delhi – Naharlagun AC SF Express and Naharlagun – Guwahati InterCity Express.

By Road

Moreover, one can achieve Itanagar through transport from Banderdewa, North Lakhimpur, Tezpur, and Guwahati.

Map of Itanagar