Top 4 hill stations of Assam

Top 4 hill stations of Assam


  • Haflong is a beautiful hill station in the Cachar region of Assam at a height of 680 mts.
  • It is a residential area with a populace of around 40000 individuals.
  • It is well known for its stunning magnificence of its hills and the valleys enchanted with blossoms and colossal trees.
  • Haflong is a heaven for the Ornithologists.
  • Jatinga is a town situated on the Haflong edge. Haflong is found 355 kms from Guwahati and 84 km from Silchar. Haflong has a railway station, 3 km from the primary town.
  • Lumding Junction Railway Station is 60 km away. It is the locale head quarter of north Cachar Hills.
  • Haflong is a place where there is satisfying blue plantations, pineapple and oranges.
  • Aside from its beautiful magnificence, the hills of Haflong are also popular for its blossoms including the orchids, for example, Blue Vanda, uncommon types of winged creatures, Pineapple, Peaches, and Oranges.
Settlement of Haflong town.
Settlement of Haflong town.




  • Maibang is a town group in the district of Dima Hasao, Assam. Maibang is also one of the three sub-divisions of Dima Hasao District.
  • It once used to be the capital of the Dimasa Kachari. Etymologically, the name originates from two Dimasa words ‘Mai’ and ‘Bang’, signifying “plenty of rice” (Mai implies food grains and Bang implies plenty).
  • Maibang was the capital of the past Dimasa, from the sixteenth to eighteenth century.
  • The remains of the place can even now be found on the eastern bank of Mahur, south of Maibang and different parts of Dima Hasao region.
  • From all the popular places the most famous is “Stone House” (In Dimasa it is called “Longthai ni Noh”) arranged on the bank of Mahur River on south Maibang.
Awful Maibang
Awful Maibang


  • The location is widely renowned for birds and famous stories revolve around birds as well.
  • Besides, during the months of August to November, migratory birds fly to this place and the site becomes the center of attraction for Ornithologist’s nerves.
  • Besides, birds are also said to be caught, roasted and eaten by the natives.
  • The climate is pretty placid and natural scenery keeps tourist’s mind and heart in the moment.


  • In the Dima Hasao region of Assam, there is a little modern town, which is additionally a notable tourist place, by the name of Umrangso.
  • The separation between the town and the region base camp of Dima Hasao, Haflong is around 112 km.
  • The town of Umrangso has various huge businesses, for example, Kopili Hydro Electric Project of Nepco, alongside a couple of concrete processing plants, for example, NECEM bonds, Vinay concretes, and so forth.
  • The town is a wonderful one with wealth of slopes and rich greenery.
  • This is a perfect place to spend a couple of unwinding days in the midst of the abundance of the nature.
  • There are a couple of nearby diners, which serve fish and meat to the tourists.
  • The development of tourism in the hills is somewhat influenced by the political circumstances of the region.

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