Dharamshala – The House of  Dalai Lama

Dharamshala is extremely popular as the house of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan priest that went abroad. It is also known as Little Lhasa. Dharamshala is situated in Kangra area at a separation of 18km from Kangra City. The city is particularly isolated as upper and lower divisions with various elevations. The lower division is  Dharamshala town,  though the upper division is prominently known as Mcleodganj.

Dharamshala hills calling you.
Dharamshala hills calling you.

Dharamshala is arranged in the Kangra Valley, in the shadow of the Dhauladhar mountains. The city is parceled into two specific portions. Kotwali Bazaar and the enveloping markets are suggested as “Lower Dharamshala” or only “Dharamshala.”Further up the mountain is McLeodGanj A tricky, tight road interfaces McLeodGanj from Dharamshala and is simply open to cabs and little automobiles, while a more expanded road winds around the valley for use by transports and trucks.

History of Dharamshala

Dharamshala and the surrounding locales were a part of the Katoch Dynasty of Kangra for almost two centuries. Hence, with the happening to the British Rule in India, Dharamshala turned into a province area of Punjab.

The name ‘Dharamshala’ was first utilized from this time onwards, because of the nearness of the haven. Be that as it may, the Gurkhas alluded to this locale as Bhagsu since they adored at the old Shiva temple of Bhagsunag. The town was likewise a prominent summer excursion spot for the British. At that point came the overwhelming seismic tremor of 1905. Thus, a significant part of the cantonment alongside the Bhagsunag Temple was pulverized by the tremor. The Gurkhas later modified the town and the sanctuary, which came to be known as first Gurkha Rifles’ Heritage. Be that as it may, from this time, the prevalence of Dharamshala diminished until the happening to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan evacuees in 1959. Today, this town is a genial blend of Indians and Tibetans, with both adding to the heritage of Dharamshala.

Places to Explore in Dharamshala

The way hill stations will make you excited, no other place can do it better. There’s nothing that cannot make you happy about. The drops of water running towards your face after hitting the ground from a waterfall will heal all your tiredness, while the dazzling morning sun rays will make you get out your bed even before you want to, the misty morning in the balcony with the hot coffee mug will carve your happiness out of you, the clear sky in the afternoon will tell you that sky isn’t the limit by exposing the mighty snow peaked mountain ranges, and watching early sunsets with your loved one can make you express of how beautiful they are, once again. Some such places are mentioned below.

Top 9 Best Place to Visit In Dharamshala

Triund Hill

All adventurous trek of triund.
All adventurous trek of Triund.

Far away from the rushing about of urban areas, a trek to Triund offers you an escape into the majestic Himalayas. Arranged a couple of kilometers from Dharamshala, it is a place ideal for trekking with astounding trails offering beautiful perspectives of the whole Kangra Valley. A trek to Triund is short and basic and should be possible from either McLeodganj or Dharamkot, which is 2km in front of McLeodganj. The night sky from Triund is a sight in itself and is a decent reason for outdoors here during the evening.

Bhagsunag Waterfalls Dharamshala

Stream of Bhagsu waterfalls
A stream of Bhagsu waterfalls

The Bhagsu Waterfall is maybe the most acclaimed vacationer detect that is situated in Dharamshala and pulls in tourists from all over the nation who wish to delight in the wonders of nature and spend some calm minutes in peace and quietness. The Bhagsunag Waterfall is situated on the principal street which joins Mcleodganj and Dharamshala and is a perfect area for picnicking with family and friends.

Dharamshala Cricket Stadium

The famous cricket stadium.
The famous cricket stadium.

Settled in the lap of the lofty Himalayan mountain scope of Dharamshala lies an interesting little cricket stadium. Situated at the stature of 1,457 meters above sea level, it is one of the most elevated games grounds on the planet. Indigo skies, an endless stream of the crisp mountain breeze, and the immense scope of rich green field offer a haptic affair like no other. With a view practically identical to the Adelaide Oval or Newlands, this stadium rivals the best regarding its superbness.

Tibet Museum Of Dharamshala

A front view of Tibetan museum.
A front view of Tibetan museum.

Tibetan Museum by the Department of Information and International Relations, Central Tibetan Administration, is a must visiting fascination close to Dharamshala. The exhibition hall exposes Tibetan history, culture, and workmanship. The historical center was as built up in 1998 with a target of archiving and protecting Tibetan social viewpoints and to teach Tibetans and non-Tibetans about this rich legacy and history. The building is so wonderfully built with a view of the pleasant scenery.

Dharamshala’s Kangra Valley

Paragliding at Kangra Valley.
Paragliding at Kangra Valley.

Want to know how it feels to the birds flying? Visit this smiling and shining valley that knows how to please your eyes as soon as you reach there. The valley offers you an amazing lifetime experience of Paragliding. Feel like the flying bird, the valley is giving you wings. It is about a 65km away from Dharamshala.


Tea Gardens In Dharamshala

Don't miss these lush greens of tea gardens.
Don’t miss these lush greens of tea gardens.

The littlest tea district of India, Dharamshala has perfectly lined and composed tea cultivates over the Kangra Valley thus it is known for its great quality tea and is accessible for buy-in numerous shops crosswise over Dharamshala and Mcleodganj

Dharamshala War Memorial

The war memorial.
The war memorial.

War Memorial is arranged in the pine timberlands close Dharamshala town and the excursion itself to this place is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble. There is the wonderful GPG College which was made amid British Era. This is the commemoration which has been made at the passageway point to Dharamsala in the memory of the individuals who battled for sparing our homeland.

St. John Church Dharamshala

The Old St. John church.
The Old St. John church.

This neo-gothic church was worked in 1852 and is a standout amongst the most critical holy places in Himachal Pradesh. Situated close Dharamshala and while in transit to Mcleodganj, this congregation was worked in devotion to John the Baptist. It is the most seasoned constructed structure of Dharamsala. This congregation was worked in thick woods that is the reason it is acclaimed as ‘St. John in the Wilderness’.

Masroor Rock Cut Temple

The Old St. John church.
A view of Masoor rock temple

Around 32 km from Kangra in Dharamsala on the Nagrota-Surian Link Road, Masroor Rock Cut Temple is an archaeological site which is at present in ruins. The complex is a blend of 15 shake cut sanctuaries composed in the Indo-Aryan style of engineering, accepted to have been worked in the eighth century (according to relics). Devoted to the Hindu divine beings Shiva, Vishnu, Devi and Saura, the mind-boggling faces upper east, towards the Dhauladhar go. Presently under investigation, specialists recommend that the building was a piece of a detailed arrangement of further development which has been left fragmented. A large portion of the complex has been harmed, generally because of tremors.

Best Time To Visit Dharamshala

Winters here are extremely cool with incidental snowfalls, in any case, it influences the valley to look significantly more wonderful. Summers are wonderful with the greatest temperature around 25 degrees Celsius. Storms could be maintained a strategic distance from as it may hamper your venture designs.


Winters are the best time to appreciate the excellence and serenity of Dharamshala. The temperature in Winters stays in the vicinity of 4 and 7 degrees Celsius. Snowfall starts from the finish of December and proceeds until February


The temperature starts to rise and snow starts to blur away in the period of April. The temperature in Summers goes in the vicinity of 20 and 35 degrees Celsius. The climate stays lovely all through and consequently, it is a decent time to appreciate touring and different treks in the Himalayas.


The rainstorm starts with the long stretch of July and proceeds until September. The temperature ranges from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. Because of rain showers, it isn’t viewed as the best time to visit Dharamshala. Rain additionally close down the trekking courses

How To Reach Dharamshala

By Air

  • Here, Gaggal airport in Kangra valley is the nearest airport, which is 15km distant from Dharamshala.

By Road

  • Transports are effectively accessible to Dharamshala from the near urban cities.
  • Particularly,  Private transports like buses are accessible from Delhi which is 520 km away.

By Railway

  • Here, Kangra mandir railway station is the nearest railway station to the Dharamshala, which is at a distance of 22km.
  • A major railway station Pathankot is located at a distance of 85 km from Dharamshala.

Shop and Chop!!

likewise, the best parts of hanging out in such a beautiful place are its shopping hubs and the eating places.

Famous places to shop at  Dharamshala

Kotwali Bazar

Jogibara road

Green shop

Tibetan Handicraft Center

Palaco Hand-made craft

Famous Places To Eat In Dharamshala

Crepe Pancake hut

Tibet kitchen

Carpe Diem

Namgyal cafe

Common ground cafe

Interesting Facts about Dharamshala

Hey Momo Lovers! Famous Tibetan cuisine, you’ll find the dominance of Tibetan food all over the city.

The city will surely make you familiar with the Tibetan culture and religiousness accordingly.

Dalai Lama when came to India in 1969 and after that, its decision to make this place as a holy center for all the Buddhist followers.

Dharamshala also comes in the list of the names of amazing trekking regions.

Dharamsala has biggest Buddha monastery after Tibet. Hence,  another year celebration called Losar festival is praised by Tibetans introducing New year.

Isn’t this much enough to let you know that you are meant to get up and plan towards the calling hills? Book the tickets now! It’s now Dharamshala enjoying summers, go watch her do that.

Map Of Dharamshala


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