Beaches in Andaman

The Andaman Islands are among the loveliest places you can visit on earth. It is normal to see many tourists and explorers going towards the charming islands consistently. A major attraction of the tourist place comes for the renowned beaches that elegance the Andaman coastline. Here’s a summary of the best Beaches you can discover in and around Andaman & Nicobar.

Radhanagar Beach:  

Radhanagar Beach
Radhanagar Beach
  • Radhanagar Beach or Beach No. 7 is situated on the stunning Andaman Island and considered as one of the most excellent beaches of Asia.
  • It is situated only 7 kilometers from Vijaynagar Beach and Dolphin Yatri Niwas.
  • The glancing blue ocean and white sand make this beach an ideal spot to have time in the nature’s lap.
  • The lavish and verdant trees in favor of beach offer sightseers chance to loosen up and relish the nature’s appeal.
  • The stunning sight of nightfall on this shoreline influences the tourists to forget about every worry in their life.


Elephant Beach:

Elephanta Beach
Elephanta Beach
  • This place offers you white sand beach, boundaries of coral reef.
  • The white sand beach and the blue green water at the Elephant beach is alluring for every tourist.
  • The watercraft ride to Elephant beach going through the beacon is stunning.
  • Add this fascinating destination to your DO’s, because this place is simply not worth being missed.


Corbyn’s Cove Beach:

Corbyn's cove beach
Corbyn’s cove beach
  • Corbyn’s Cove beach is only 8 kilometers from the City focus, and a noticeable tourist place in Andaman.
  • The beach is decorated with lovely blue ocean water and rich green coconut palms where tourists can enjoy a few water sports accessible on the shore.
  • One can visit few water sports like scuba jumping, surfing, and sculling.
  • Further, the beach is additionally an ideal area for taking joy of sunbathing, swimming and surfing.
  • This coconut palm bordered beach is covered with a lodging and offers refreshments.
  • From here, travelers can likewise visit the Snake Island, which is claimed to have a considerable number of dangerous snakes.
  • The snake island is likewise known for vivid corals, eye catching fishes and shake faces.
  • One can take a speedboat to go to this island.


Vijaynagar Beach:

Vijaynagar beach
Vijaynagar beach
  • The lovely Vijaynagar Beach is a part of the famous Have-lock Island, which is titled among the best places to visit in Andaman.
  • Also called the “Beach No 5,” and is only 38 kilometers from Port Blair.
  • It is an ideal place to go for swimming and watching sea life by various water sports.
  • For every tourist who is in journey of comfort and nature’s perfection, Vijaynagar Beach is an inimitable spot.
  • The purplish blue sky and similarly delightful ocean make the scene of this beach peaceful.
  • A visit to this soothing beach offers travelers with visit whose memories they can cherish an entire lifetime.


Wandoor Beach:

Wandoor Beach
Wandoor Beach
  • 25 km far from Port Blair, this beach is the place to be in, to appreciate the best scenarios of the dusk or dawn, or something else.
  • Wandoor in reality is truly main beach in Andaman and Nicobar.
  • Decorated with trees on the coastline, winced by the Tsunami makes a scene worth catching, and the blue water eclipses there.


Baluder Beach:

Baluder Beach
Baluder Beach
  • Baludera Beach is less crowded and one of the cleanest beach of Baratang Island.
  • This amazing place has a bended sand straight that is laced with mangrove vegetation.
  • The water is warm, clean, and ideal for a casual swimming knowledge.


Merk Bay Beach:  

  • The Merk Bay beach lies in the North Passage Island, one of the uninhabited island in Andaman, which is near Straight Island, Guitar Island and Long Island.
  • White sand of the Merk Bay beach interestingly with the blue water makes a perfect day out setting.
  • Tourists take boats from Long Island, the ride takes one hour to reach Merk Bay shoreline.
  • Boat ride is charming in light of the fact that tourists go through huge springs. In harsh climate, the high waves may make the ride somewhat hard to cross.


Lalji Bay Beach:

  • Aside from the shining sand, the Lalaji Bay Beach lay with clear water.
  • Relax at the beach in the warming sunlight. Other than these, there are different activities at Lalaji Bay Beach too.
  • Go for a walk along the shoreline and collect sea shells.
  • Snorkeling should not be missed here as this beach is famous for that.
  • Dolphin spotting is another fascination of the Lalaji Bay Beach which makes it a must visit destination.
  • An ideal amalgamation of experiences like boat ride, crossing through the thick woodlands and strolling up to the beach makes the outing to Andaman a memorable one.


Ferar beach:  

Ferar Beach Ross Island
Ferar Beach Ross Island
  • Perfectly a place existing alone for having some great solitude time.
  • Depicted as a beach staying away in one corner of ROSS Island in the Andaman.
  • Since there is no nearby soul found, one can give this beach entire time to discover it thoroughly.
  • Set against the cliff, it is a rocky beach which holds coconut trees that seem to defy gravity.
  • It falls under the domain of the ROSS Island National Park. For one who plans to carry some lunch and water, a book and a towel, to this place, it will guarantee that all your expectations of a beach side are fulfilled.
  • You can skip sunscreens and UV protecting creams for this place as it offers you a very shady shoreline where you can escape the direct sunlight.
  • However, this beach offers heaps of peacefulness, but keep an eye out to the underwater currents in case that you are planning to wander far from the shoreline.