The Queen of Beaches – Calangute Beach

The Queen of Beaches – Calangute Beach

Renowned as the Queen of the Beaches, Calangute Beach is the popular choice for each tourist of Goa. This beautiful beach is situated around the northeast of the capital city of Panaji. It is the largest beach in north Goa and mostly crowded with the number of tourists all over the year. It is also the main hub and an epic center for the party lovers. tourists from all over the world come here to relish the ambiance. As the sn submerges in the sea the pleasing air gives a mesmerizing soothing atmosphere to roam around and the magnetism create a party scenario.

Night at Calangute Beach stays busy with party lovers and morning starts with the ample of water adventure sports. A large number of visitors are gathered to relish the water sports such as water skiing, surfing, and parasailing. Adding a thrill to adventure, the waves near the seashore are quite higher and bigger. A home to sunbathers the beach is always crowded by foreign tourists to get tan. There are Infinite sheds to lay down the seashore, relaxing with an amazing view along with the fascinating drinks and yummiest food. All this makes The Calangute meant to be the most cherishable place in Goa.

Calangute Beach
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The beach was discovered by the hippies in the year 1960. Calangute Beach is bliss for who embrace the seashore and the waves. Get lazy at the sandy beach or have a dip in the sea. The refreshing breeze of the sea is enough to make a tired soul relax, sleep, and dream.

Overview Of Calangute Beach

Settled fifteen kilometers from the city, Calangute Beach is the longest shoreline in the northern state, which extends from Candolim to Baga. because of its sheer size and recognition, it’s a heart for vacationers and backpackers around the world. The sound of the waves converges with the musicality of the waves from the shoreline, the Kailung shoreline becomes lively in its total beauty. This is often the correct place to seem for accommodation as an outcome of it’s well associated to alternative beaches like Baga, Anjuna, Candolim, Aguada, and parts of alternative places within the north. with the special case of this, there area unit many choices to settle on from counting on your budget. you’ll be capable to take an example of the impressive preparation sample here in Suja Lobo, Oriental, electrical Cats, or Tibetan kitchens, all of which might gift a novel flavor palette. Attend many water sports on the shoreline or walk into a restaurant and skim, once it involves Calangute Beach, there’s no need for choices.
Calangute Beach
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Being one amongst Goa’s busiest and business beaches, Calangute joints, stimulating sustenance gave serving blended beverages, ale, and food. Kailung Beach is additionally well-known for its water sports activities like sailing, water surfriding, banana rides, and stream skiing. whereas the times here square measure choked with fun on the shoreline, nights necessitate exciting social events and drop their hair down. additionally, with some rattling nightclubs and tap house coming to, Calangute Beach attracts explorers from around the world.

Life at Calangute

Night Life in Calangute Beach, Goa

One of the most important things to do in Calangute Beach is when the sun goes down. It is crazy dance, psychedelic music, delicious drinks or great food, you will find all the elements of a memorable night, right here. Some of the most favorite party places.

Calangute Beach
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Bar and Kitchen of Teo Tile

The perfect interiors and amenities such as full bar, live entertainment, live sports screening, smoking area, board games, live music, and outdoor seating are the perfect choice for The Wild Knight Out. The average cost for two people, including alcohol, is US $ 1000.

Spice It

Casual eating and kid Out Drinks, Spice It incorporate one night, wherever you have got full access to resources like regular, buffet, outside seating, nightlife, and smoking space. the typical price for 2 folks, as well as alcohol, is that the United States $ 1800.
Apart from these, some other popular places include Cantare, Hipster, Susa Lobo, Tonic – Hard Rock Hotel, Ivy, Moon Pub and Clov.

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Water Sports in Calangute Beach

A completely different type of water sports cannot be opposed to Calangute Beach, which is probably one of the most exciting aspects of this place. One of the most searched activities here is parasailing in which the person is tied to a kite – like a boat behind. Other interesting activities here include some good old fishing, kayaking which is paddling through water in a canoe – such as a boat, sailing, windsurfing, which involves reducing the surface of the water in a boat – such as Windsurf, a structure called water snorkeling. And water skiing. Apart from going to the island for fishing or angling, you can also go for activities such as seeing dolphins and crocodiles.

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Shopping in Calangute Beach

Calangute is a great place to shop for antiques, junk jewelry, keeps, and beachwear. You can get a wonderful deal for handicrafts made in Kashmir, Tibet, Indonesia, and Rajasthan. The roadside market is an ideal place to shop for cute beach outfits, earrings, necklaces etc.

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Living Places in Calangute Beach

Since tourism in Goa has been flourishing for many years now, accommodation options near the beaches and tourist sites are very high. Because of this, any very popular Kailung can easily get housing for yourself around the beach. Some of the nearest hotels are Estrella Bay Mar Beach Resort, North 16, Sapphire Grand and Resort de Coracao.

Dining Place in Calangute Beach

Goa is an absolute pleasure for continental as well as seafood lovers. There is a series of restaurants offering European, Goa, continental and various other dishes in the state. In Calangute, you can roam around the infant area, Bretos, Susa Lobo, Indian Jones, and Cape Town Cafe.

Best Time to Visit Calangute Beach

Like other beaches of Goa, the best time to go to Kailgut is between the months of October and March. A large number of tourists come in the second part of the year.

How to Reach Calangute Beach, Goa

Goa is a popular tourist destination especially for foreign travelers; Its lifestyle makes the state a comfortable choice. Goa is accessible through all means of transportation; The most important thing is by air, by train, and by the road. Traveling within the state is convenient.

By Air

The nearest airport to Goa (Panjim) is 29 km away from Dabolim Airport (Goa International Airport). Dabolim Airport Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and other major cities of India and the U.K. And provides regular flight service from the cities of Germany. You can rent a taxi to reach your destination further.

By Rail

The main railway stations of Goa are in Mudgaon and Thivim. Other railway stations are Vasco da Gama, Karmali, Sundaram Church, Cancona, Pernem, and Karmali. Most of these railway stations are well connected to major cities and towns in the country. You can easily get a taxi and passenger bus from these stations.

By Road

There are many state and privately owned buses in and around the state. You can easily get buses from Goa to go to nearby cities and towns. Intrastate commuting is also a nuisance-free trade; Thanks for the inexpensive and easy availability of bikes and scooters/car rental, auto-rickshaws and taxis such as buses and other transport tools.

Map Of Calangute Beach