Interesting Facts about Indian Railway (First/Longest/Oldest)

indian railway facts


  1. First Passenger Train Ran On- 16th April 1853 (between Bombay to Thane)
  2. First Railway Bridge- Dapoorie Viaduct on the Mumbai-Thane route
  3. First Rail Tunnel- Parsik Tunnel
  4. First Ghats Covered by the Rail lines- Thal and Bhore Ghats
  5. First Underground Railway-  Calcutta METRO
  6. First Computerized Reservation System started in- New Delhi (1986)
  7. First Electric Train ran on-  3rd Feb’ 1925 (between Bombay VT and Kurla)
  8. Toilets on Trains were introduced in-  1891 (1st Class) & 1907 (lower classes)
  9. Shortest Station Name-   Ib (Orissa)
  10. Longest Station Name-   Sri Venkatanarasimharajuvariapeta (Tamil Nadu)
  11. Busiest Railway Station-   Lucknow (64 trains everyday)
  12. Longest Run (Time)-   Vivek Express (3715 km in Approx 71 hrs)
  13. Shortest Run-    Route between Nagpur to Ajni (3km)
  14. Longest Run for Daily Train-   Kerala Express (3054 km in 42.5 hrs)
  15. Longest Non-Stop Run (Distance)-   Trivandrum Rajdhani (528 km in 6.5 hrs)
  16. Longest Railway Platform in the World-    Kharagpur (2,733 ft in length)
  17. Longest Railway Bridge-   Nehru Setu on Sone River (10044ft in length)
  18. Longest Tunnel-    Karbude On Konkan Railway between Monkey hill & Khandala (6.5 km)
  19. Oldest Preserved Locomotive-    Fairy Queen (1855), still in working order
  20. Indian Railway’s Fastest Train-   Bhopal-Shatabdi (runs at a speed up to 140 Km/ph)
  21. Train with Maximum Number of Halts-    Howrah-Amritsar Express (115 halts)
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