Amazing Bridges – Made Up With Live Root

Amazing Bridges – Made Up With Live Root

World is full of wonder and amazing thing.  Bridge which repair itself. Bridge which become stronger and reliable with time? Do you want to know interesting  fact about the Living Root Bridge?

This bridge is made of  live tree root.This live root bridge located in “West Jaintia Hills” district and “East Khasi Hills” district in Meghalya, India.

Double Decker Living Root Bridge
Double Decker Living Root Bridge-Meghalya

Image source -Ashwin Kumar

Material Use In Bridge Construction 

The pliable tree roots are made to grow through betel tree trunks,which have been placed across rivers and streams until the figs’roots attach themselves to the other side.

Sticks, stones, and other objects are used to stabilize the growing bridge.

Construction Time Required

Live root bridge take 10 to 15 year of to became a complete bridge.

The lifespan of any living root bridge is variable, but under ideal conditions last for many hundreds of years. As long as the tree they are formed from remains healthy.

Root bridge is naturally self-renew and self-strengthen as their component roots grow thicker.

Root Bridge Maghalya India
Root Bridge Meghalya India

Longest Known Live Root Bridge

The longest known example of a living root bridge is near the small Khasi town of Pynursla. It can be accessed from either of the villages of Mawkyrnot or Rangthylliang.

The most famous being the “Double Decker” root bridge of Nongriat Village. There are three known examples of double bridges with two parallel or nearly parallel spans. Two are in the West Jaintia Hills near the villages of Padu and Nongbareh, and one is in Burma Village, in the East Khasi Hills.

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